Jisoo (BLACKPINK) is extremely attractive in red clothes

The best moments of Jisoo (BLACKPINK) were recorded when she wore this color outfit.

If you are a Kpop fan, you cannot help but know  Jisoo – the famous BLACKPINK beauty who possesses the standard beauty of Miss Korea.

Possessing a sculpted beautiful face with sharp and delicate five senses, especially sexy thick lips that make the opposite person unable to take their eyes off, every time Jisoo appears, she brings out different, difficult to say vibes. word.


If Jennie loves sexy and sexy outfits, Jisoo is more inclined to a bit gentler and more discreet clothes than her sister in the group.

With her porcelain white skin, Jisoo easily conquers all kinds of outfits, whether it’s striking colors or gentle pastels, it doesn’t make it difficult for the female idol.

Among the colors chosen by YG beauties, red is definitely the strongest impression.

Here are 10 times when Jisoo was radiantly beautiful in red. Wearing this color outfit, Jisoo looks pure and gives off a different vibe.

Jisoo looks like a princess straight out of a fairy tale in this red dress with long sleeve top


Simple red tweed coat that highlights the beauty’s pearly white skin BLACKPINK


Red was born for Jisoo


The red off-the-shoulder dress with pearl accessories helps Jisoo stand out


Jisoo is perfect in this outfit


She’s so charming in a long-sleeved red dress with ruffled texture on the front for a soft feel


Jisoo is as beautiful as a goddess


Red square neck shirt mixed with white A-line skirt to form a perfect outfit for BLACKPINK beauties


The red dress has a delicate cut-out design that helps Jisoo show off her suffocating sexy look but not offensive


She looks like an Egyptian princess in her red lace dress and silly bangs

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