Jisoo (BLACKPINK) is suddenly ‘called’ because she looks too much like an A-list actress

Many times, stars surprise fans because they look so similar. Recently, the image of Jisoo (BLACKPINK) again made fans admire because she is so similar to actress Son Ye Jin .

As a familiar face of famous fashion magazines, it is not surprising that the female singer recently appeared on the cover of Marie Claire.

The clear and outstanding beauty of the BLACKPINK member on the cover of the magazine.

It can be seen that Jisoo has light makeup, but her beauty and charisma are still outstanding. Besides the praise for the female idol, many comments agree that Jisoo looks a lot like his wife Hyun Bin – actress Son Ye Jin.

The amazingly similar beauty of the female idol and actress Son Ye Jin.

When you put pictures of two stars next to each other, indeed the two have surprisingly similar points. Whether viewed from the front or from a side angle, Jisoo and Son Ye Jin both have delicate facial lines, high noses and charming heart-shaped lips. The two beauties are similar in the style of a lady, a pure and feminine muse.

In the past, many times, Jisoo was also called the “heir” of Son Ye Jin. 

Not only Son Ye Jin, Jisoo has also been commented on many times like actress Eugene .

Jisoo (left) and Eugene (right)

In addition to Son Ye Jin, Jisoo is also commented to have facial features similar to senior Eugene. The female idol is really lucky to own the beauty of many Kbiz beauty monuments. 

Currently, Jisoo is doing a tour with BLACKPINK in Europe, and Son Ye Jin is recovering after giving birth to her first son in November this year.

Currently, Jisoo is busy touring the world tour concert with BLACKPINK…

And Son Ye Jin gave birth to her first son and was on vacation.


Wearing the same wedding dress, Lisa (BLACKPINK) and Wonyoung (IVE) give off their very own vibes

Wedding gowns can be worn on any occasion!

K-Pop idols often wear clothes that are popular in Korea and often trendy at the time. For various reasons, idols will sometimes wear outfits for different occasions, such as outerwear for stage performances or wedding dresses worn for events or ceremonies. Awards.

Both BLACKPINK  ‘s  Lisa  and  IVE  ‘s  Jang Wonyoung  do it the following way and give different sensations of looking gorgeous in a wedding dress.


IVE’s Jang Wonyoung | Hapa Kristin 

Wonyoung recently MCed the 2022 Asia Artist Awards alongside  Super Junior  ‘s  Leeteuk . She wore a gorgeous  custom-made Pinkong wedding dress  with a corset belt and a vibrant mini jacket.

Photo: KB

Photo: KB

Wonyoung became trendy thanks to her beauty in wearing the dress, and after the event, Filipino fans noticed that the dress she was wearing resembled the traditional Filipino outfit, a Filipiniana dress.

Photo: KB

Julia Barretto in a Filipiniana.| ABS-CBN

Lisa wore Vivienne  Westwood  Camille wedding dress from the brand’s SS2022 collection to BVLGARI’s Avrora Awards. The dress is made to order and costs 6,705 USD (~ 158 million VND).

Photo: KB

Photo: KB

While Wonyoung’s dress hides her shoulders, Lisa’s dress emphasizes her shoulders by letting them show.

She also wears two large pieces of jewelry from BVLGARI’s collection,  the Diamond and Emerald Serpenti  Necklace and the Diamond  and Emerald Serpenti Bracelet , with a total value of over $600,000. ).

Both of these stars look stunning in their wedding gowns, but which style do you prefer?