Jisoo (BLACKPINK) lost weight before comeback, fans sнocκᴇᴅ because she looks like Rosé

Fans think that Jisoo Blackpink lost weight before the group's comeback, causing the facial contours to change.

Netizens are claiming that Blackpink member Jisoo lost weight before the group’s comeback.


On July 30, netizens gathered at a famous online forum and talked about Jisoo looking thinner than usual before Blackpink’s comeback. The original poster shared recent photos of Jisoo as shown below.


Netizens commented:

– “I can’t believe her face is getting smaller”.

– “I thought she always looked this thin?”.

– “Wow, Jisoo lost weight… She was a bit chubby before, now is slimmer”.


– “I can feel their comeback coming”.

– “How can an already thin person lose more weight?”.

– “It seems that Jisoo’s facial features become larger due to facial slimming”.

– “I think she loses weight whenever she’s preparing for a comeback. She also lost weight before How You Like That came out”.

– “Jisoo looks a lot like Rosé due to weight loss in this photo”.

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