Jisoo (BLACKPINK) unexpected being compared with Jung Jae In’s ‘new love’

During one of the scenes in the film, supporters unexpectedly screamed out Jisoo’s (BLACKPINK) name.

Following the events of “Beautiful Sister Bought Me Delicious Rice,” “Captured the Soldiers of the Army,” and “Snow Flower,” Jung Hae In underwent a significant change before to the filming of “Connect,” which was a major horror piece.

The character Jung Hae In from the film Connect

Some moviegoers have recently voiced their disapproval against Jung Hae In’s co-star in the film Connect because the two share a kiss in one of the scenes.

In particular, a great number of individuals “screamed” the name of Jisoo (BLACKPINK) and voiced their disappointment that she had not participated in the kiss scene with Jung Hae In. They believed that she would have been the best person for the role.

In the film Snow Flower, which was released in 2022, Jung Hae In and Jisoo had a sizzling chemistry together.

In spite of the fact that the movie had some “bad luck” in the beginning, as it was suspected of being historically inaccurate, the picture swiftly turned the tide and assisted the production unit in achieving significant stock growth later on.

Along with Jung Hae In, Jisoo

The Connect project, which Jung Hae In had been pushing at international film festivals, was finally made available to the public.

The recently broadcast drama has gotten “winging” plaudits for its well-invested substance as well as Jung Hae In’s performance thanks to the fact that she was in control of both of those aspects.

A short while ago, locals witnessed a sequence of events in which Jung Hae In’s character “locked his lips” to his female co-star in the film.

This moment quickly sparked a “storm” when it was uploaded on social media due to the intensity of the situation as well as the remarkable performance of the two performers.

Fans of the Snowdrop duo suddenly screamed out Jisoo’s name (BLACKPINK), in addition to complimenting the new project that Jung Hae In is working on. [T]hey were praising Jung Hae In.

As a consequence of this, the general public believes that Jung Hae In’s new co-star has an uninteresting look similar to that of Jisoo and has great hopes for the reuniting of the Snowdrop couple.

Several remarks from members of the audience:

Jisoo must have been disappointed to find out that horror films do not have any kissing moments.

Jisoo was observing and making judgments.

I really wish Jisoo had been cast in this role.

– Jisoo is far more attractive than she is.

People have stopped talking about how Jisoo was in this movie because she had nothing to do with it.

On the other hand, the way in which the production crew’s calculations influence the choice of performers is something that has to be emphasized over and over again.

The possibility exists that Jung Hae In’s new co-star in Connect does not have the same muse-like looks as Jisoo, but in exchange, her performance is a good match for the character’s characteristics.

In addition, there are some individuals who believe that Jisoo does not have anything to do with Jung Hae In’s newest film; hence, mentioning her name can very easily lead to a variety of negative experiences for both her and the other performers.

At this time, the incident that was depicted above is still the topic of significant debate among locals.

The Korean press claims that the horror series Connect was derived from the webcomic of the same name and is being published solely through the Disney Plus platform.

It is anticipated that Jung Hae In would receive additional acting nominations for her work in the film.