Jisoo Boasts Lively And Healthy Condition In The US Despite Lump In Her Neck

On November 9th, Jisoo announced her current status by posting several photos alongside the caption “It’s cool. Christmas, come quickly”.

In the photos, Jisoo showed off a casual outfit with her hair braided into two braids, topped with a black beanie. The female idol can be seen walking on the streets of America, at the same time showing a happy smile on her face.

Earlier, netizens noticed a lump on Jisoo’s neck and raised concerns about the female idol’s health. Now, the BLACKPINK member boasts a cheerful appearance as if to dispel the rumors about her health.

On November 4th, YG Entertainment, the agency of Jisoo, said in relation to the rumors about Jisoo’s health, “Jisoo is currently performing well on her world tour schedule and there are no problems with her health.”

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK is currently conducting a world tour in 7 cities in North America, including Dallas, Houston, and Atlanta. It is expected that BLACKPINK will meet with 1.5 million fans from all over the globe.

Jisoo Talks About The Value Of Her Life: ‘I Want To Continue To Look Into Myself And Become A Better Person’

On January 4th, the magazine DAZED published Jisoo’s solo photo shoot.

Jisoo was transformed into seven various moods, demonstrating her captivating beauty, in the recently released pictorial, which was based on an exquisite and modern Couture idea. She flaunts a range of looks, including a modern woman appearance with an iconic red color, a neutral-tone French chic look, and a classic look with a luxury Couture touch.

Jisoo discussed her New Year’s values in an interview following the photo session. “I want to challenge courageously and fearlessly as always,” she remarked. Although the path may not always be easy, I will do my best without fail. And I want to keep looking inside myself and improving as a person.”

“Thanks to BLINK’s unwavering backing, all I did was possible.” I hope you’ll be able to join me in 2022. We’ll be better next time, so I hope we’ll be able to be happy together. In 2022, I hope to see you more often. “I adore you,” she replied, expressing her thanks for her BLINK fandom..

Meanwhile, Jisoo’s photos and videos can be found in the January issue of DAZED, as well as on the magazine’s website and official social media accounts including Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.