Jisoo Gets Professional Praise Despite Her Iпjᴜry, Rosé’s Actions Attract Attention

Performing on stage is truly every idol’s dream, but sometimes things are out of their control, including injuries. With such hectic schedules, it’s not surprising that idols can get hurt.

Recently,  BLACKPINK  ‘s  Jisoo  proved herself to be a true professional in the group’s recent show in the US.

After starting in Seoul and going to the US, BLACKPINK’s schedule has been packed. However, they still give their best with the fans every night.

In particular, Jisoo has received many compliments for her wonderful stage appearance, especially when she performs solo. Although she did not have a solo song to perform, she still did not stop capturing fans’ hearts.

During a recent show, BLINKs expressed concern after noticing that Jisoo’s solo stage seemed to be delayed and all the dancers had left the stage. According to attendees, many believed that Jisoo had gotten a leg ιnjᴜry during one of the previous performances.

“I heard a loud sound in front of jisoo’s solo stage and the dancers left the stage, I hope she is okay ”

“So jisoo’s solo stage was delayed because she obviously fell and got her leg, but despite this, she still performed as if nothing happened and no one noticed she was hurt. at the foot. God, she’s so professional and hardworking.”

Despite the ιnjᴜry, fans still praised the female idol’s solo stage. Despite the delay,  Billboard reporter Jeff Benjamin   rҽvҽalҽd that it was the most powerful performance he had ever seen from Jisoo and that her energy was pure joy.

“Although we were a little worried for her for a moment (I think there might have been a production issue as there were other delays) Jisoo radiated a cheerful and flawless energy. I think her dancing in her solo stage is one of the best things I’ve seen from her.”

Of course, the performance was perfect and Jisoo looked gorgeous as she performed in front of thousands of fans.

However, that doesn’t mean Jisoo doesn’t care about her death. A BLINK shared a video of Jisoo sitting on stage. Although she appeared cheerful and full of energy, it was clear that the idol was feeling uncomfortable.

Many people also praised Rosé ‘s treatment of   Jisoo. Near the end of the show, the members happily interacted with fans, many people noticed that Rosé approached Jisoo to interact with fans.

Rosé approached Jisoo and interacted with fans

After some extremely adorable interactions in front of the camera, Rosé can be seen patting Jisoo on the shoulder. They then see Rosé gesturing to Jisoo to climb on her back, which means the oldest member of the group doesn’t have to put more stress on her baby.

Although reluctant, Jisoo jumped on Rosé’s back and couldn’t hold back her excitement when the member ran on the stage.

Rose carries Jisoo…

…and ice running on stage

Not only has Jisoo proved herself to be a true professional, but Rosé’s reaction shows how close they are as she wants to make sure that her bandmate’s death doesn’t get worse.