Jisoo Is Always ‘Drowned’ By Stylists, Dressed As ‘Auntie’

Jisoo is always on the top of the list of favorite idols with top beauty, and sophisticated fashion sense. However, many times, Blackpink's "oldest sister" was booed by fans for dressing like an aunt.

Recently, during Blackpink’s 6th debut anniversary livestream, Jisoo appeared with a strange outfit combination. The oldest member of Blackpink wears a large pink blouse that costs nearly 530,000 Korean Won (approximately 9.5 million VND), accessories are expensive Cartier watches and a pair of rings.


The loose pink shirt at the waist makes Jisoo look older than her years.

While people thought Jisoo would look gorgeous with glittery jewelry, it was the baggy blouse and ponytail that added age to the 1995-born female idol. Fans think that, fortunately, her “beauty” has “saved” the entire outfit. 


Many luxurious accessories that Jisoo wore during the livestream.


This is not the first time Blackpink stylists have dressed Jisoo in such “problematic” outfits. Previously, the female idol stunned fans with her quirky outfit combinations. 

When performing on stage, Jisoo’s visuals were “reduced” by costumes that did not enhance her beauty despite her gorgeous face and desirable body proportions. 


Not only the body-tight outfits, Jisoo also has to wear flashy outfits. For a long time, fans have expressed their grief when thinking that long and tight outfits have no effect but only reveal flaws. 


The stylist’s incredible outfit combinations.


The dress makes Jisoo look old.


Another flamboyant dress that the stylists prepared Jisoo.

During an appearance on a TV show, Jisoo surprised the audience with the old style of clothes with dotted motifs that added age to the female idol. In addition to this event, the dress she attended “New York Fashion Week Spring Summer” was equally disappointing. 


Jisoo appeared in an outfit with a middle-aged pattern.


This dress has “blocked” her beauty. 

With Blackpink’s comeback about to happen, fans are begging stylists to stop giving Jisoo the above outfits so as not to drown out the female idol’s stunning beauty.

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