Jisoo SuԀԀeпly Entered The Top Of The Philippine Trend Because She Looks Like A Famous Actress

BLACKPINK  ‘s Jisoo had a new performance that reminded fans of a Filipino celebrity! On the second day of the BORN PINK tour in Atlanta, USA, the oldest member of the group walked out on stage with the cutest pigtails.

Besides her lovely image, fans also especially noticed that she resembles a famous actress in the Philippines:   Jolina Magdangal  . Born in 1978, she is a staple of the 1990s local entertainment scene in terms of singing and acting, as well as being known for her nostalgic teen fashion style that Jisoo unknowingly resembles.

Jolina Magdangal 

Check out some of the best reactions to this similarity below!

“That’s why jisoo’s hairstyle looks familiar… i suԀԀeпly miss jolina magdangal because of her look today 😭”

“Most of you are asking for jisoo magdangal chuva choo choo here 😂”


Jisoo Magdangal is even trending in the Philippines

“I can’t really see jisoo because jolina magdangal, you are not jisoo, to me you are JISOO MAGDANGAL KIM”

“Jolina Magdangal Kim what are you doing here? ”

Interesting with this comparison!

YG Responds To Fans’ Concerns About Jisoo Health

Earlier this week, netizens pointed out on an online community that member Jisoo was discovered with an unusual lump on her neck, raising concerns.

“Isn’t this a тuмor on Jisoo’s neck?” The netizen continued, “She should go to the hospital for a biopsy. It could be a mild fibroid but it could also be a malignancy. Either way it’s still getting bigger and it’s going to get worse. disappeared if she had sᴜrgҽry.”

“It’s a lymph node, and it swells up when you’re not in good shape or when you’re tired,” said another netizen.

In this regard, YG briefly stated, “Jisoo is currently completing her duties for Blackpink’s world tour schedule without any trouble and she does not have any health problems. “.

Meanwhile, Blackpink will continue their  BORN  PINK  world tour in Europe from November to December.