Jisoo’s Name Was Compared To Jung Jae In’s ‘New Love’

After Beautiful Sister bought me delicious rice, ᴛʀᴜʏ Captured the Soldiers of the Army and Snow Flower, Jung Hae In had a strong transformation when trying out the heavy horror work – Connect .

Jung Hae In in the movie Connect

Recently, Jung Hae In’s co-star in the movie Connect was criticized by some viewers for having a kiss scene with the actor. In particular, many people “screamed” the name of Jisoo (BLACKPINK) and expressed their regret that if only she had done the kiss scene with Jung Hae In was her.

In 2022, Jung Hae In had an explosive chemistry with Jisoo in the movie Snow Flower . Although at first, the film encountered “baɗ luck” when it was suspected of distorting history, but later, the work quickly reversed the current and helped the production unit’s stock increase sharply.

Jisoo and Jung Hae In

After promoting at foreign film festivals, Jung Hae In’s ɴ Connect project was officially released. The drαmα that has just aired has received “winging” compliments for its well-invested content and acting in the hands of Jung Hae In.

Recently, residents passed a series of moments when Jung Hae In ‘s character “locked his lips” to his female co-star in the movie. When shared on social media, this scene immediately caused a “storm” because of the heat and impressive acting of the two actors.

In addition to praising Jung Hae In’s new project, fans of the Snowdrop couple suɗɗenly called out Jisoo’s name ( BLACKPINK). Accordingly, the public thinks that Jung Hae In’s new co-star has an unimpressive appearance like Jisoo and has high expectations for the Snowdrop couple’s reunion.

Some comments from the audience:

– Why do horror movies have no kiss scenes, Jisoo must have been sad to know.

– Jisoo watched and evaluated. I wish this role was played by Jisoo.

– She’s not as pretty as Jisoo.

– Jisoo has nothing to do with this movie, people don’t mention it anymore.

However, it has to be said again and again, how the choice of actors is determined by the production crew’s calculations. Maybe, Jung Hae In’s new co-star does not have the same muse-like appearance as Jisoo, but in return, her acting matches the character’s personality in Connect.

Besides, there are people who think that Jisoo has nothing to do with Jung Hae In’s new movie, so being called out by her name easily causes her and other actors to encounter many baɗ things. Currently, the scene above is still receiving great discussion from residents.

According to the Korean press, the horror series Connect is inspired by the webtoon of the same name and is being distributed exclusively by the Disney Plus platform. The film is expected to bring Jung Hae In new acting nominations.