Joan Laporta: ‘There was a phase of Barca’s clinical death!’

The head of Barca has just given an interview in the New York Times. President Joan Laporta revealed that the Catalunya team had a "clinical death" phase! He also hopes to steer the Barca boat back to success soon.

Joan Laporta took over the Barca presidency with a bad “legacy” from her predecessor Josep Bartomeu. The Catalan club at that time was owed about 1.3 billion euros, of which a large part was owed to player salaries. The economic crisis was so bad that last summer, they had to let the legendary Lionel Messi leave the Camp Nou to move to PSG on a free basis. In that context, many people just hope that Laporta will help Barca gradually regain its position step by step, even accepting to wait a few years to reap success.


But Laporta does not want that, he has a different way of thinking. The current president of Barca told the New York Times reporter: “I want Barca to achieve consecutive success every year, that is a mandatory requirement.” According to Laporta, he does not want to make people who love the Catalan team wait long. “Success is something that anyone wants in life, it is one of the needs of life that must be met,” Mr. Laporta explained why despite the financial crisis, Barca still spent 153 million euros to bring to Camp Nou many famous stars in this summer transfer window such as Robert Lewandowski, Raphinha or Jules Kounde…


According to President Laporta, Barca had a period of “clinical death”. He reminisced: “At one point, Barca fell into a theoretical bankruptcy. The club at that time had nothing but piled up debts. We were turned away by many partners, turned away by banks, and “beaten” by the media to get on the shore and into the fields. However, I have never been discouraged. The experience in the previous presidency helped me have a thorough view of Barca’s situation, and from there I gradually came up with solutions. Up to now, I can assure you that the team has temporarily overcome the storm.”

Laporta had to work very hard to convince members of the board of directors as well as the club’s shareholders to agree to sell a percentage of the television rights as well as sell shares of subsidiaries to pay off debts. So far, Barca has gone through 3 “future” sales to partners, including Sixth Street and recently to collect up to 700 million euros. However, Barca’s financial situation does not seem to be really good and does not rule out the possibility that Laporta will decide to sell an additional percentage of the television rights. Sharing with a New York Times reporter, the Catalan club president said: “People say I’m gambling. But in reality, I don’t gamble at all. Everything I do is carefully calculated every step of the way, with the advice of many economic experts.”


President Joan Laporta (left) said that his predecessor Josep Bartomeu used to make Barca a lot of debt and almost went bankrupt.

Mr. Laporta also happily joked: “It’s okay for you to call me a ‘mermaid without writing’, I think it’s partly true. I am a person who likes adventure. But taking risks is also an integral part of Barca’s temperament, of the Catalans.” The current president of the  Catalan Club added: “Actually, it was really hard for me to have to take such a risky move. If next season Barca quickly returns to the winning trajectory and achieves success, I will become the hero to be hailed. But if Barca still fails and the club continues to fail, I will become an ancient sinner and will be cursed to death by Barca fans.”

Laporta also did not forget to thank the players who accepted a salary reduction to help Barca overcome difficulties: “I want to call them the heroes of Barca. They deserve to be praised.” Of course, the president of the Catalan club also did not forget to call on the players to continue to reduce their wages, so that Barca could enter the new season with the mentality of someone who is no longer labeled “clinically dead”.


Finally, when it comes to bringing striker Robert Lewandowski to the Camp Nou, Mr. Laporta emphasized: “It is a well-thought-out decision. Barca need a locomotive to pull the team forward. I see in Lewy the bravery of a talented boatman. At a time of upheaval and transition at Camp Nou, he is the right man to inspire.” Of course, besides Lewandowski, Laporta also praised other rookies such as Andreas Christensen, Franck Kessie, Jules Kounde… who “love Barca unconditionally”, when accepting to Camp Nou in the context of the team’s current situation. severe financial crisis.

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