Joel Embiid celebrates with teammates at a wedding while James Harden is absent.

James Harden not suiting up for the Philadelphia 76ers in the upcoming season appears all but certain at this point.

a few of the reports that have surfaced in the previous few weeks. The wedding of Joel Embiid has come about, as if we didn’t already have enough hints. On Saturday, Embiid wed his longtime partner, Sports Illustrated model Anna de Paula.


The Sixers general manager Daryl Morey attended the nuptials. Harris and Morey were observed conversing. Although Harris has been linked to a trade, the team is likely to keep him. One possible explanation for Harden’s decision to skip the game is that the GM was attending the wedding. They don’t appear to be getting along at all and Morey has done a lot of posturing on the trade situation.

Harden wasn’t coerced into attending the nuptials. Although he is free to act whenever he pleases, all indications point to a probable breakup between the shooting guard and the Philadelphia team. We should arrive to a conclusion rather soon.