Julia Fox: ‘I dated Kanye West just to set Kim Kardashian free’

According to Pagesix, Julia Fox only accepted to date Kanye West earlier this year to keep the rapper away from Kim Kardashian amid a controversial divorce.

On Monday, when criticized for dating a se.xist and ra.cist person, the actress explained: “I think I can help Kim get rid of Kanye. I just have to make him like him. me, and I know I can do this.”

The Uncut Gems star, 32, said the above thoughts come from the f.act that she is a longtime fan of the Kardashians.

The actress also re.vealed that at first, she did not reciprocate Kanye West’s feelings. However, the 45-year-old rapper called her out and even yelled at her for bad manners, which is when she decided to date him to keep him away from Kim, 42.

During the dating period, Kanye did not talk about his old relationship. Instead, they talk about fashion, ideas, and the future. Fox thought he could help the rapper get better, but quickly realized he didn’t want any help. The Playboy model ended things with West in February after nearly six weeks of dating.

Soon after, Julia Fox posted on her personal page that she “never loved this man”. In September, she also told ES Magazine that she was proud of herself for letting go.

Since the split, West was terminated by Adidas and temporarily banned from Twitter for a.nti-Se.mitic comments. Fox addressed the sca.ndal on social media, saying she was “siding with the Jewish community”.

Julia Fox has bad luck after her love affair with Kanye West

According to Page Six, the not-so-smooth love story with Kanye West has adversely affected Julia Fox’s career.

In the podcast High Low with EmRata on November 7, actress Uncut Gems shared about her short-lived love with ex-girlfriend Kanye West: “After this relationship, I noticed many changes in the acting work and they were not must be something good”.

Julia Fox said her relationship with male rapper Praise God limited her film opportunities. “Strangely, I don’t get as many movie offers as I used to. After all the fuss, things don’t go smoothly,” Fox said.

Josh Safdie’s muse had a brief affair with West earlier this year. The couple’s relationship gradually deteriorated because the 45-year-old rapper was always trying to mend his feelings for Kim Kardashian. Finally, Julia Fox proposed to break up with him after about 6 weeks of dating.

According to TMZ, just hours after bre.aking up with Julia, Kanye West sent a truckload of roses to his ex-wife’s house.

Last September, the 32-year-old star announced she was glad to leave Kanye West after noticing signs of instability in the relationship. She said that she could not keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle as well as the dense schedules of the male rapper.

“He seems to have a lot of work to do. I don’t have enough time or energy for that. I’m proud to have left,” Julia Fox confided.

Julia Fox is famous for her role in the movie Uncut Gems with actor Adam Sandler. However, she was only really interested after a series of se.xy photos in Playboy magazine in 2015.