Jungkook accompanied a girl named Fiorella during his trip to Qatar

Jeon Jungkook then became the first K-Pop and Korean musician to play at the opening of a World Cup. Furthermore, the BTS singer was accompanied by a young woman who stayed by his side the entire time.

Can you picture travelling with Jungkook from BTS at your side? This young Latina is now the envy of many people after realising the desire of the entire Army. Before performing at the World Cup, the singer spent a few days in Qatar because he was one of the musicians that contributed to the official soundtrack of the event. Fiorella Otero: Who is she? The fortunate woman, who accompanied the idol on his trip to Qatar, described what it’s like to stand next to Jungkook.

“He is very humble… I love him… he is gentle and kind”.

This is how the young Peruvian-born girl, a gifted choreographer who took part in Dreamers and recounted her entire experience with the star, characterised her time spent with Jungkook of BTS in Qatar. Fiorella Otero clarified that she greeted each dancer while she worked with them during rehearsal. However, because of HYBE regulations, the proof of their contact cannot be disclosed.

Together, Jungkook and Fiorella Otero can be seen in the Dreamers music video. According to Fiorella Otero, it was challenging to film the music video because people came to take pictures and videos as soon as they learned where they were, but Jungkook was very committed to mastering the dance and performing everything flawlessly. On social media, some of his supporters expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with a talented young Latina.

Taeyang works with a member of BTS

Many fans are interested in the news that Taeyang is cooperating with a BTS member.

On December 9, the media in Korea abruptly reported that Taeyang would work with Jimin (BTS) on the latter’s next solo album.

On particular, the BTS member will appear in Taeyang’s solo album, which is slated to be released in January 2023, according to exclusive news from jTBC News.

Many Kpop fans were immediately interested in this information and engaged in a spirited discussion.

The information about Taeyang and Jimin collaborating caught people’s attention right away.

As soon as the news spread, there were civil conflicts between the two fan communities on social networking sites.

Even the fan communities of the two parties have seen a number of acrimonious disagreements, and fanᴡars continue.

The relationship between BIGBANG and BTS fans is not very good

In addition, Taeyang and Jimin did not have any interaction before, making the information about the collaboration even more suгргιsing. Besides, there are still many congratulations and expectations for the collab of the two popular male idols, especially when Taeyang has not returned to the Kpop race for too long.

Some netizens’ comments:

–   I don’t know if it will be a viral collaboration or a ᴡar, but the collab between the two still hopes to create a boom, Taeyang has been hidden for a long time so I’m looking forward to this comeback!

– So ϲrаzy, I like them both, I hope it will be an explosive collab, I haven’t heard Taeyang’s music in a long time!

– Quite surprised but still support and respect Jimin’s decision. No matter how fans аrgue, it has nothing to do with the idol’s relationship, so it’s fine for any idol they support.

– YG’s music is not to be discussed, Taeyang is ꜱuper cool if he collaborates with Jimin too, it will definitely be explosive.

However, not long to wait and congratulate, YG gave feedback on this collaboration with a short answer  : “Nothing has been confirmed yet  .” As usual, YG did not confirm or confirm. Denying makes people  suгргιseԀ and bewildered because of the company’s neutral and unclear stance.

YG gives unclear stance on Taeyang and Jimin’s collaboration