Jungkook BTS clearly shows the ‘two-faced’ in the new photobooth series

Jungkook possesses the ideal balance of a sophisticated and attractive exterior together with a gentle and innocent aura, giving him the effortless dualism that many people aspire to.

Fans were thrilled to see some recent images that went popular on social media during a meeting Jungkook had in the photobooth.

The photographs, despite their poor quality and simple green backgrounds, perfectly capture Jungkook’s remarkable “visual.”

The BTS member who is the youngest strikes several adorable postures in the pictures.

Many people commented on the BTS maknae’s allure after seeing the photographs uploaded on a post on a Korean online community.

“Jungkook’s face is clearly a princess’s but his shoulders are that of an oppa”

“Jeon Jungkook, marry me”

“Jungkook’s face is ϲrаzy even in sloppy pictures”

“Born to be an Idol”

“Seriously, Jungkook is insanely handsome”

International fans have also remarked on the images and concurred that Jungkook accurately captures the emotions of his boyfriend.

“No one excels in Boyfriend’s looks more than JK”

“Kookie suits any concept, he can look cute, cool, ꜱеxy…”

Kim Taehyung of BTS offers the ideal autumnal music playlist

Kim Taehyung, aka V, who Rolling Stone dubbed as the BTS member with the most varied list of musical inspirations, never ceases to astound fans with his song recommendations that span a variety of genres.

On November 8th, Taehyung updated his Instagram followers on his most recent endeavors and uploaded his Autumn playlist. He appeared boyish and was dressed for the Fall season in two of the photographs, which were taken at a golf course and a park.

Another image was of Taehyung’s visit to the NOICE ready-to-wear brand’s flagship shop opening in Seoul. He previously wore their attire, which contributed to those things becoming the company’s best-selling items.

For the first recommended song, Taehyung chose  Kang Heo Dalrim’s ‘Please Hug Me’  and added the caption,  “Army, I brought a list of recommended songs before Autumn passed.”

Next was the acoustic song  ‘Scott Street’ by Phoebe Bridgers , posted with Taehyung’s doodles on a car window, which made fans smile.

Christian Kuria’s “Deep Green” was the third suggested tune. The crowd was met by cozy, sweet voices and lucid synth-pop noises.

Taehyung used the song “The 1975” by the British rock group Robbers in his photo taken at the NOICE flagship shop because it complemented the casual mood of the image.

To the backdrop of a starry night, Taehyung sang the entrancing tune “Sweet” by Cigarettes After Sex, describing it as “the song I listen to every day these days.”

Finally, he shared a black-and-white video of himself performing Omar Apollo’s “Evergreen” in a moody manner.

He also spoke to his followers, telling them to “Be mindful of the cold” and to take care of their health.

He received a shoutout from some of the performers Taehyung suggested. Taehyung has assisted in promoting a number of independent musicians thanks to his widespread fame and influence.

Omar Apollo shared Taehyung’s Instagram story and praised his taste, while Christian Kuria tweeted thanks on both Twitter and Instagram.

Following his posts, Korean fans flocked to Melon, South Korea’s largest streaming service, to listen to the music he provided. As a result, the recommended songs dominated search trends.

During Taehyung’s absence from social media, fans who had missed him voiced their excitement over his most recent posts as well as their admiration for his images and song recommendations.