Jungkook Came Back To Instagram Just To Compliment One Person

It’s been over a month since he was last active!

At the end of 2021, BTS made ARMYs all over the world spin when simultaneously opening personal Instagram accounts. The members all set the comment mode to private, only allowing BTS to comment with each other. Although ARMYs are sad because they can’t express their feelings, the plus point is that they can easily follow the boys’ adorable interactions.


Recently, Jungkook attracted attention with a new activity on Instagram.


Jungkook always causes a ruckus every time he returns to the platform. From the original original name to deleting all posts or just a random comment, Jungkook has always made a big impact online.


However, as an introvert, he is rarely active. Jungkook was last seen collaborating with Charlie Puth. He didn’t even comment on the members’ posts…


J-Hope recently became the center of the internet when he was the first Korean artist to stand on the main stage at a major American music festival.


After the show, J-Hope shared a series of photos and a message of thanks to everyone who supported him.


When millions of ARMYs flocked to click like, they suddenly discovered something on the night of August 3. Instead of just showing the number of likes, the post suddenly had comments and it was from Jungkook! The maknae complimented, “You’re such a great J-Hope!”


So glad Jungkook is back after 40 days and more than happy to see how much BTS loves each other.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Jungkook has used Instagram to support J-Hope. When the senior first announced the lead role in Lollapalooza, Jungkook shouted: “Jya-hope go!”.


As always, Jungkook has always been very supportive of his hyungs, even if that means being an introvert like him groping the internet.


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