Jungkook is a great dad? Affirmation given by person following him from childhood to success

Instead of being good at taking care of or caring for others, so many people frequently assume that he will be the one who receives more attention. However, the evidence shows that Jungkook is intelligent and a kind, sensitive man.

ARMYs have recently become interested in the tale of a restaurant owner who is a close neighbor of Jungkook’s family and who told tales from his youth to adulthood. This individual has exhibited Jungkook’s virtues and potential as a good father in the future.

Here is the complete post from social media:

It’s understandable why Jungkook has become one of the most well-liked idols in the world today. However, Jungkook has drawn attention from a young age, notably from the ladies in his area. It is not just when he succeeds that he is observed. They even claimed that as Jungkook grew older, he would undoubtedly become an idol.

When ARMY recently visited this location, a neighbor who also owns a restaurant adjacent to Jungkook’s family related this intriguing tale. YoonJae is the name of the restaurant’s proprietor, and Jungkook and his family frequently eat at Gopchang Salon in Busan.

He heaped praise on Jungkook, praising his good looks and demeanor from a young age until he achieved success and returned to his hometown. He also mentioned how Jungkook showed early talent for drawing, which he inherited from his father.

The store owner said:  “I know Jungkook since he was born. He was known as the handsome boy since 5th grade & ᴡomen in neighbourhood used to say “He should be an idol”. He was well-mannered and was very good at drawing since he was little”.  He also showed a sketch of JK drawn by his dad.

He also brought up a quality that Jungkook has had since he was a little boy and that demonstrates his potential as a great father. His favorite activity is playing with or cuddling with tiny newborns.

The store owner claimed that every time Jungkook visited, he would play with the children who came in. Additionally, he is very kind and frequently teases the kids with jokes. Jungkook still acts the same way he did in the past when making jokes with his brother or holding the kids.

YoonJae also commented that:  “He jokes around with his brother and he holds kids (in his arms) since he likes them. He’s still the same Jungkook as he was when he was little”.

The shop owner also disclosed information about Jungkook’s regular eating routines. He said: “Jungkook loves all kind of meat & I get suгргιseԀ by the amount, he eats”.

He also shared a special incident during Jungkook’s 2019 visit to Gopchang Salon. He claimed that there were many people in the restaurant at the time, and Jungkook sat on a chair so that fans could see his face. He claimed that this was done for the fans. His chair is on display, and the owner has also recommended the Gopchang set that he ate for the upcoming ARMIES.

The business owner also expressed how he felt when he saw Jungkook on and off the stage. He said that he attended the event in Busan on October 15 as an audience member and that he “felt happy watching him playing on a huge platform. However, Jungkook’s role in local productions hasn’t altered much since he was a child.

Although Jungkook’s popularity and appearance have seen several transformations, it seems that his core has remained constant. His wonderful looks, talent, and positive character definitely make him the ideal partner, husband, and parent!