Jungkook Is The Most Talented Member Of BTS?

Jungkook is often praised by music and dance experts in the industry, including those who have worked closely with him or BTS.

Recently, choreographer and senior creative director Son Song Deuk of BTS once again praised Jungkook.


In an interview about survival show  & Audition – The Howling , he praised Jungkook’s great potential when he was a rookie and that he had the charisma to make people feel good by his words or actions together with outstanding character. He said that Jungkook is a prime example of someone who not only has a great personality but also has potential from the start and he chose Jungkook out of all 7 BTS members who came to America to enhance that potential. .


“There are people with charisma that make people feel likeable in words or actions. BTS’ Jungkook is a prime example. I have a lot of friends, but at first, he was too young to sing. In the early days of Big Hit (BTS’s management company as HYBE), it was a really hard time for us, but Chairman Bang Si-hyuk said that if you If you want to develop hip-hop music, you need to know the United States, and only one of the seven BTS members should come to the United States. Then me and Jungkook went to America. The two stayed at a guesthouse for a month, going to a music studio. and experience American culture. At that time, his potential really exploded,” – Son Song Deuk shared.


Song Deuk praised Jungkook’s talent and passion. He called Jungkook the most talented out of all the BTS members when asked in an interview.


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