Jungkook Shares His True Feelings For ARMY In His Solo Vlog

In a candid moment, Jungkook bares his heart to fans.

BTS‘s Jungkook took ARMY along on a camping trip in the latest BTS vlog. While driving to his camping destination, Jungkook talked about the creation of his ARMY-dedicated song “My You” and rҽvҽalҽd what ARMY truly means to him.

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Jungkook began his road trip by discussing his song “My You,” which he had just completed at the time of filming his vlog. He explained that the song initially had different lyrics, but the expression wasn’t correct in English, so he changed the line from “hope you to sleep tonight” to “hope my you sleep tonight.

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He hilariously admitted that the phrase “my you” is still not correct, but when he changed the lyrics, his team loved it.

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Reminiscing on the process of writing the song and the inspiration behind it, Jungkook reflected on his love for ARMY. In a heartfelt moment, Jungkook opened up and shared exactly what ARMY means to him.

When I think about ARMY, only things to be grateful [for] come to mind. I always mention in interviews that ARMY is the reason we exist.

— Jungkook

He continued by saying if he didn’t have ARMY, he doesn’t believe time would have moved for him, and he treasures the precious memories he has and worries they could one day disappear. Those thoughts and feelings inspired the creation of “My You,” and the lyrics are a beautiful tribute to the love BTS has for ARMYs.

All these lights are colored in by youAll these times are precious due to youFour sеasons have passed with youFour scents wеre left ’cause of youAll the reasons why I can laugh outAll the reasons why I sing this songThankful to be by your side nowI’ll try to shine brighter than now

— “My You” lyrics

Aside from the endearing lyrics, Jungkook further showcased his love for ARMY in the thoughtful decisions he made with the lyrics. He said the second verse was especially difficult to write. He worked on it when he returned from New York and even skipped one of his drum lessons to focus on writing the lyrics.

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When working on the second half of the song, he made it a point to include Korean lyrics in an effort not to disappoint any of BTS’s fans, wanting to make sure every ARMY felt acknowledged.

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His hard work and heartwarming effort resulted in a sweet song just for ARMY that showcases Jungkook’s kind and thoughtful personality.

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