Jungkook Stσlҽ ARMY’s Heart, Ranked Top Trending Worldwide

BTS' Jungkook stole fans' hearts with his cuteness in the latest vlog released on the YouTube channel BANGTANTV.

In his camping vlog, Jungkook is driving to the site, buying and enjoying food, listening to songs and sharing his thoughts on many things.


Fans even called Jungkook’s vlog “free therapy” because BTS’s maknae makes everyone feel happy.


Thanks to that, Jungkook has topped 2 positions on Twitter’s Global Top Trending, with the keyword “Jungkook” at No. 1 and “Jungkookie” at No. 2. He also trended at No. 2. 14th place in the United States.


“Jungkook’s vlog is so refreshing and he’s so cute and easy to understand. Borahae” – an ARMY expressed.

Another fan shared, “Thank you Jungkook for sharing his first camping trip with us. So cute.”

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