Jungkook Unveils Steamy New ‘Me, Myself, And Jung Kook’ Preview Photos

Time only makes Jungkook's beauty more gorgeous.

Previews of Me, Myself, and Jungkook – Time Difference have just been revealed!


Through Jungkook’s own creative vision, the youngest Jungkook is portrayed as a newborn vampire in Special 8 Photo-Folio.


Struggling to accept the change in life by being weak by day and strong by night, Jungkook illustrates the story with stunning images.


Netizens were completely captivated by the set of photos:

– Literally can’t keep his mouth shut. It took me a while to write these few lines of praise.

– Here she is, please bite me!

– Those lips curled indifferently. Please let Jungkook go to the movies!


– The most beautiful vampire I’ve ever seen.

– Vampires are eternally beautiful over time. Jungkook is more than that: Time only makes you more beautiful!

Me, Myself, and Jungkook – Time Difference will be officially released on September 1st – his birthday. ARMYs can pre-order the set through the Weverse Shop.


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