Jungkook’s Reaction When He Discovered That Other BTS Members Supported During His Performance

When he announced that he would take part in the Qatar 2022 World Cup theme song and perform at the tournament’s opening ceremony, Jungkook has recently been the center of attention. And now was the day that Jungkook finally took the stage.

Of course, BTS members from Seoul also provided special support to Jungkook in addition to the ARMYs and fans from all over the world who cheered for him directly and indirectly everywhere. They all showed pride and enthusiasm for Jungkook’s performance.

After the performance, Jungkook observed the members’ responses and shared his own:

Finally, on November 20th, the moment has arrived. ARMYs around the world were unable to contain their excitement even hours before the concert, and as the date approached, social media was flooded with tweets and trends pertaining to their performance. Jungkook.

Additionally, the remaining BTS members showed their unwavering support for their golden maknae by sharing photos of his performance on social media. The first person to post was j-hope, who uploaded a video of himself viewing the event before it began.

After that, J-Hope, who isn’t just active on Instagram, released a clip to Weverse during which Jungkook came on the screen. He simultaneously yelled “JAYKAAYY,” expressing his excitement for this memorable performance.

The next to post a picture of himself attending the ceremony was SUGA, who wrote, “LET’S GO JAYKAYYYYYY!”

V made sure he was observing Jungkook from a distance and was just like the other members, even after a lengthy travel from Paris. In addition, V and his gorgeous kid Yeontan took in this wonderful performance.

Not unexpectedly, the BTS leader also posted a photo of Jungkook attending a concert to show his support for his maknae. Naturally, Jungkook completely destroyed the performance in response to the anticipation and support of BTS and ARMYs, garnering praise for his skills, good looks, and tremendous stage charisma.

And BTS’s incredible support for him is still ongoing. All the members gathered on Jungkook’s stage to watch and comment after the performance. A close-up picture of Jungkook taken during the performance was posted by SUGA. SUGA also complimented Jungkook for handling his ordeal effectively.

Jimin, meanwhile, couldn’t stop complimenting Jungkook’s “very awesome” performance. Along with the historic performance, RM also posted a video of the performance along with several fire emojis. J-hope also expressed his emotions through a video and the word “goosebumps.”

The members’ astounding responses were then known to and observed by Jungkook. He also discovers that the group’s members are always keeping an eye on him and cheering him on from a distance for his outstanding performance. Jungkook must have felt the members’ love for him.

He also thanked the BTS members for their assistance during the final stage. Jungkook thanked BTS in the most recent Weverse Live, saying: “Honestly.. I can’t say I was satisfied.. but I’m glad I didn’t make any mistakes and it went well.. Thanks to you guys I got strength.. but anyway I finished it well and came. Also our members also cheered me on, thank you so much!”

Actually, BTS members are their biggest fans. The older brothers, who have followed Jungkook’s progress for more than ten years, undoubtedly share their pride in the position he has attained today.