K-pop Idols Who Own The Most Expensive Supercars: What Rank Is Jennie?

The cars of these idols will amaze you with their wealth.

On May 25 on TMI News Show, the show ranked the “young & rich” stars driving the most expensive cars.

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 TMI Show / Mnet

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In the list, SHINee Key ranked 11th with its luxury car, which has the appeal of both sports car and coupe sedan. It is reported that  the value of the car is 249 million KRW.


Song Mino của WINNER đứng thứ 10 khi sở hữu một chiếc DB11 Coupe của Aston Martin và có giá 279 triệu KRW.


Among the female idols, BLACKPINK’s “Human Chanel”  Jennie was also introduced as the star “Young & Rich”, specializing in driving Porsche supercars. The female idol entered the list and came in at 9th place.

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The show then shared that Jennie drove a  Porsche 911. The coupe is said to be sleek with a red interior.

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The price of the coupe, according to the program, is reported to be worth 290 million KRW

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| Porsche

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Porsche 911’s red interior

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon  then ranked 8th among the “Young and Rich” stars with 3 expensive cars.


Previously, the “DEEP” singer was seen driving a BMW Mini Cooper and a Land Rover Range Rover Sport. The price of the 3 SUVs she owns is said to be about 381 million KRW.


Jeon Somi was shares to own a supercar worth 417 million KRW, ranked 7th. She owns a Mercedes-Benz G65.


Rapper Beenzino entered the top 5 and also owns 3 supercars with a total price of more than 500 million KRW.

2PM’s Lee Junho ranks #1 idol with most expensive sports car

He owns a British high-performance sports car, which was voted the most beautiful car at the 2019 International Car Festival. It also appeared in the Hollywood action horror movie “Fast and Furious”. .”

 Lee Junho’s sports car has a price tag of 359 million KRW (283,000 USD).

In addition, it is reported that Junho owns the Company Lamborghini Gallardo, the representative supercar of Italy, worth 324 million KRW.


Overall, the total price of Junho’s three sports cars, including the Hyundai Grand Starex, is about 726 million KRW

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