Kany West’s girlfriend ‘imitates’ showing off her fertile body no less than Kim Kardashian

Chaney Jones "burned" eyes when appearing in a very hot bikini with friends by the pool in Florida, USA recently.

The beauty born in 1997 attracts all eyes with her “fiery” body and extremely beautiful face.


The new girlfriend of rapper Kanye West was born in 1997, possessing a very attractive hourglass curve.


Chaney Jones is likened to a copy of Kim Kardashian – ex-wife of Kanye West…


… with a height of 1.7m, a weight of about 64 kg, an ideal three-round measurement of 86-63.5-89 cm.


After 3 months of dating, the 25-year-old model just showed off a tattoo of the word ”Ye” – Kanye West’s new name on her wrist as affirming her affection for her boyfriend.


Since being emotionally involved with Kanye West, she has been constantly taken everywhere by her ex-husband Kim Kardashian. The love story of both is supported by the owner of SKIMs and also praised Kanye West’s new girlfriend as very beautiful and sweet.


However, because the 9x beauty’s body and charisma is very similar to “Kim super round 3”, many people believe that she continues to be the replacement for ex-wife Kanye West while the male rapper tries to make his ex-wife return.


Although many comments say that Kanye West came to her just because she is a copy of her ex-wife, Chaney Jones insists that she is not interested in rumors. The 9x model now feels happy with the talented rapper and claims to have true feelings for him.

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