Kаnye Wеst ᴜnder fιre оver controversial Instаgrаm рost

Kаnye Wеst ᴜnder fιre оver controversial Instаgrаm рost

Kanye West under fire over controversial Instagram post


Kanye West on Friday returned to Instagram from where he had deleted all his posts after incessant attacks on Pete Davidson.

The rapper, however, has drawn criticism for his post that read, “Look to the children, Look to the homeless. As the biggest inspiration for a design.”

While some people thought his post was a cryptic message to his former wife Kim Kardashian who just parted ways with SNL comedian Pete Davidson, a large number of his followers were of the view that the rapper was really seeking inspiration from homeless people for his brand that majority of people can’t buy.


His fans asked him to help homeless people instead of taking advantage of their miseries.



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