Karim Benzema’s prodigious energy and unwavering determination

It's impossible to miss Karim Benzema's bandaged right hand when watching him play for the previous three years.

Benzema’s bandages have become so iconic that it even features in the FIFA video games as well. While many have seen the striker’s hand bandaged during the game, not many know the actual reason. 

Is the bandaged hand of Karim Benzema a superstition?


The answer is no; Benzema’s bandages are neither a superstition or a lucky charm. Benzema’s on-field brilliance is entirely natural, despite the fact that he is in excellent form and on track to win the Ballon d’Or. His goal in the UEFA Super Cup final against Eintracht Frankfurt put him Real Madrid’s second-highest scorer of all time, according to Goal. He has more goals than anybody other than Cristiano Ronaldo.

What is the purpose of Karim Benzema’s bandages?


According to Sporting News, the bandages are there for therapeutic purposes. During a match against Real Betis in 2019, Benzema’s right hand’s pinky finger was broken. The French striker would have missed two months of play following the procedure and recovery time necessary to heal his finger. Bypassing surgery, Benzema resumed competing for Madrid.

What occurred when Karim Benzema’s finger was severed?


Benzema acknowledged having surgery during the 2021–2022 season, although he didn’t take any time off to recover his finger. Sadly, he damaged it once again. The striker has subsequently declined to have surgery once more since he doesn’t want to miss two months of playing. He plays with the bandages as a consequence to shield his finger from additional injury.

Karim Benzema is certain that the South American squad will do well at the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup


Argentina has a high possibility of winning the 2019 FIFA World Cup, according to Karim Benzema.The striker for Real Madrid was making a statement on the next competition, which will take place in Qatar in November. Even though Benzema acknowledged that there are no favorites in football, he said that Argentina is a great squad with outstanding players.

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