Kate Middleton didn’t wear her engagement ring and the Internet is freaking out

In the latest appearance, Princess Kate Middleton surprised and wondered when not wearing famous jewelry: The engagement ring, which was the old ring of her mother-in-law, Princess Diana. Normally, Kate still wears both her engagement and wedding rings, so why is she taking off her engagement ring now?

Among the pieces of jewelry that Kate Middleton still wears, perhaps the most famous is the engagement ring. This ring is more talked about than Kate’s wedding ring. The reason is because it’s Princess Diana’s old engagement ring. Prince William gave the ring to Kate and explained that he wanted to make it feel like “my mom didn’t miss this event”.

Because of the meaning of the ring, Kate has always worn it with her wedding ring, which means she wears at least two rings on the same finger.


Normally, Kate wears both a wedding ring and an engagement ring. Photo: Marie Claire.

However, recently, when Kate attended the Commonwealth Games, many fans of the British Royal Family realized that Kate was no longer wearing her famous sapphire engagement ring. Immediately, netizens in the UK wrote comments such as:

“I wonder how Princess Kate forgot to put on her engagement ring?”

“Where’s Kate’s engagement ring? I never seem to see her without it.”


Kate didn’t wear her engagement ring in her latest appearance. Photo: PA.

However, perhaps those interested in the Cambridge family need not worry, as Kate still appears with her husband Prince William and daughter Charlotte. That is to say, the fact that she didn’t wear an engagement ring was probably not due to a problem in her small family.


Cambridge family at the event. Photo: Getty.

In fact, sometimes members of the Royal Family can take off their rings on days when they have to be active and hot, to avoid slippery fingers due to sweat, and then the rings slip and fall. In particular, Kate is quite thin and has small fingers, so she probably has to leave the ring at home to be safe.


Kate’s engagement ring once belonged to her mother-in-law. Photo: Express.

In addition, there is also the case that the ring needs to be cleaned (professionally, reserved for Royal jewelry) or readjusted if for some reason Kate doesn’t fit properly. . This is also understandable because when William gave the ring to propose, Kate said it was a “very special” ring and she would take good care of it.


The moment when William and Kate announced their engagement. Photo: Eddie Mulholland/ REX/ Shutterstock.

Chances are the next time Kate appears, the ring of fame will appear on her finger again.

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