KBS World announces the most influential artists of 2022: Who is ‘coroned’?

BTS crowned ‘Singer of the Year’ 2022

On December 20, KBS World Radio, Korea’s official international radio station, announced the results of its annual online survey in five categories.

The 2016 survey was conducted on the website and mobile application of KBS World Radio (KBS WORLD) for about two weeks from November 21 to December 5, with a total of 276,362 people from 193 countries join participate.

Indonesia has the largest number of participants, followed by China and the Philippines. The poll is divided into five categories, including “Singer of the Year”, “Song of the Year”, “Boy Group of the Year”, “Girl Group of the Year” and “Solo of the Year”.

(Photo: Twitter: @bts_bighit) 

After the following poll, BTS was chosen as the “Singer of the Year” (1st place) after winning 34.64% of the votes. Despite several hiatuses this year, the boy band hasn’t given up on the top spot since 2016, proving their global popularity in both name and reality.

‘Boy Group of the Year’: BTS, Stray Kids, SEVENTEEN enter the top 3

In the “Boy Group of the Year” category, BTS has firmly secured the first place in this category with nearly 40% of the votes. Most of their votes come from the Hispanic population.


Following BTS is Stray Kids, one of the fastest growing boy groups this year. In third place is SEVENTEEN , one of the representative boy groups of the third generation.

(Photo: Stray Kids (News1)

(Ảnh: SEVENTEEN – Twitter: @pledis_17)

If you combine the votes of the three groups, it will reach about 75 percent of the total votes.

‘Girl Group of the Year’: BLACKPINK, TWICE, NewJeans enter the top 3

In this year’s girl group category, BLACKPINK – the first Korean female artist to reach the top “Billboard 200” topped the list with 23.24% of the votes.


TWICE , the number 1 girl group in 2021 fell one place and ranked second with 18.24% of the votes. However, they proved their influence when crowned the most popular girl group in the US this year.

(Photo: TWICE (Kpop Wiki))

Among the rookie girl groups challenging for the top spot, the new girl group NewJeans ,  although only debuted this year, has created a craze among the outstanding girl groups, coming in at third place with a total the number of votes was 14.13%.

(Photo: NewJeans Twitter)

Results ‘Solo of the year’, ‘Song of the year’

In this year’s solo category, IU took first place with 25.47 votes this year, holding her position since last year.

(Photo: IU Instagram)

Meanwhile, TWICE ‘s Nayeon , who created a global choreography craze with her debut track “Pop!” ranked second (22.00%).


In the song category, “Yet To Come” released by BTS in June was chosen as the song of the year with more than 30% of the votes.


Otherwise, you can find the full results of the survey on KBS World Radio’s website and mobile app, which will only be available from December 23.

(Ảnh: BTS, Stray Kids, BLACKPINK, TWICE (Kpop Wiki))

The year-end special program “KBS World Radio K-POP Awards 2022” based on the survey results will be broadcast in 11 languages ​​for two days, from December 24 to December 25.

During the broadcast in Korean, STAYC Sieun, who is among the candidates for the “Girl Group of the Year” and is loved by global fans for their excellent stage and captivating vocals, will is the presenter.

The program can be listened to on the homepage and mobile application (KBS WORLD Radio On-Air).