Kim and ex-husband, who has more net worth?

The couple has reached an agreement on child custody, parenting plans, and the division of their multi-million dollar real estate portfolio.

The couple has amassed over $200 million in real estate, a $3.9 million car collection, and more than $300,000 in livestock, which they keep on their Wyoming ranches.

Kardashian, 42, will keep their $60 million mansion in Hidden Hills, California, as well as another property next door. Meanwhile, West, 45, will retain ownership of a $60 million Malibu beach house, two ranches in Wyoming, 300 acres in Calabasas, California, a home in Belgium, and the Chicago home where he grew up.

Kanye West is estimated to be worth $1.3 billion, while Kim is estimated to be worth $1.8 billion.

However, Kanye’s fortune has plummeted as a result of the rapper’s vile antisemitic comments, which have resulted in brands such as Adidas, Gap, CAA, and Balenciaga cutting ties with him.

Kanye claimed last month that he lost $2 billion in a single day. While Kanye was most likely exaggerating his losses, it was reported in October that West is now worth around $400 million as a result of his controversies.

Kim’s fortune stems from her 14-year stint on Ereality !’s show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She can earn up to a million dollars per Instagram post, and she also has her own cosmetics company, KKW Beauty, and a shapewear line, SKIMS. She also sold a 20% stake in KKW Beauty to cosmetics behemoth Coty for $200 million in cash last year.

Real estate portfolio worth $200 million

The former couple reportedly has a property portfolio worth more than $200 million. Their 15,667-square-foot mansion in Hidden Hills, California, is perhaps the most notable of their properties.

They purchased the home in 2014 for $20 million and are said to have spent four years and another $20 million on renovations before moving in in 2018. Kris Jenner stated on Twitter that the house is worth $60 million.

According to an insider, Kim owns the land, but Kanye owns the actual house, which was likely a contentious part of the divorce settlement.

It was also reported earlier this year that the couple had purchased separate Malibu homes. Kanye paid around $60 million for his beach house, while Kim paid $70 million for hers, a Malibu estate once owned by Cindy Crawford.

According to TMZ, as part of the divorce settlement, West agreed to give Kardashian the title to a $4.5 million home near her home in Southern California. Kardashian will now be the owner of the five-bedroom, 3,650-square-foot home. She is expected to demolish the house, which West purchased to be closer to his children, because it requires extensive renovations.

Kim will retain rights to the $60 million estate in Hidden Hills, where she lives with their children, as well as property in Idaho, in addition to the home next door.

The mother of four was also given a house in Riverside, California, three in Idaho, and one in Malibu, California.

West will keep ownership of a $60 million Malibu beach house, three Calabasas homes, and two Wyoming ranches, including his famous 3,888-acre West Lake Ranch, which he took off the market in August.

After purchasing the ranch for $9 million two years prior, the hitmaker listed it for sale in October 2021 for $11 million.

West also owns another 6,700-acre property about 50 miles from Monster Lake for a whopping $14.5 million.

According to People, his Monster Lake ranch has stunning views of the nearby Rocky Mountains and is just over 50 miles from Yellowstone National Park.

Kanye will also keep his bachelor pad in Belgium, which he bought in September 2021 after his divorce from Kim, as well as his childhood home in Chicago, which he bought in 2019 for $225,000 to save it from demolition.