Kim gave Saint over-the-top sᴜrprise in 7th birthday after accused of ‘flaunting her wealth’

The 42-year-old Kardashians star shared a video of the surprise on her Instagram Stories.

Kim shared a video of a pianist performing Happy Birthday on a white baby grand piano in her living room.

A large, white, square-shaped couch sits in the center of her minimalist home, while a twinkling Christmas tree in the background complements her style.

Fans slammed the beauty mogul after she shared another video of her living room in which a pianist performed holiday tunes for her children.

The TV personality photographed the musician seated at her piano while documenting her Christmas tree.

“It’s that time of year… @philthekeys comes over every morning to wake my kids up by playing the piano while the mad morning rush is happening to calm their little souls and fill it with beautiful Christmas songs,” Kim captioned her post.

“Isn’t having a pianist in your home for Christmas days so out of touch?” one fan asked. Kim employs all forms of paid assistance in her home.”

“She realizes that all her kids probably want is for her to make them pancakes, hug them, and spend time with them, right?” “Like, what kid cares about a man they don’t know playing the piano for them?” a second inquired.

“Everything they do for the holidays is out of touch,” said a third.

“OMG, every single day? That is absurd “a fourth was added.

“This is what happens when you have too much money; you realize nothing you buy really gives you any satisfaction anymore, because you’re so jaded, and you don’t know how else to spend it, so you just have to come up with ways to do that,” another agreed.

With her ex-husband, Kanye West, she has two sons, Saint, six, and Psalm, three, and a daughter, Chicago, four.

Kim also took Saint to a Los Angeles Rams game for his birthday, where the now-seven-year-old met player Jalen Ramsey.

However, viewers became concerned when they saw Kim’s petite frame.

Smaller than Saint?

As Jalen signed a group of children’s footballs, Kim stood behind Saint, her arms around his shoulders.

The reality star then ran around to the back of the group for a photo, wearing a skintight bodysuit and baggy pants.

As Saint stood at the front of the group with Jalen next to him, she flashed her signature pout and peace sign at the camera.

The exchange was captured on video and shared on TikTok by the Los Angeles Rams’ official account.

Viewers were taken aback by how “short” and “tiny” Kim appeared in the video.

One person commented, “Kim looks extra short here,” while another said, “Kim is so tiny in life.”

“Wow, she’s almost as small as Saint at this point,” said a third.

“Yeah, it’s so obvious in this video,” another user agreed.

Kim started losing weight in May, losing 16 pounds in three weeks to fit into Marilyn Monroe’s dress for the Met Gala.

Kim, who lost 21 pounds over the summer, told the US Sun exclusively that she “loves how skinny she is” and plans to lose two more pounds.

According to an insider, Kim “She does not want to gain weight because she believes she has never looked better than she does now.

“She enjoys her slim figure and wishes to maintain it.

“She says she’ll lose another two pounds because that will put her under her ideal weight and it won’t matter if she fluctuates a little.”

They then looked into Kim’s st.rict diet, discovering: “To keep the weight off, she eats chia seeds and raw vegetables.

“Then a small dinner of mostly raw vegetables. Lemon juice is her only dressing.”