Kim Is Getting Backlash From Fans After Paying Tribute To Kourtney’s Son On His Birthday

Therefore, it appears admirable that she took the time to recognize Mason Disick, the oldest member of the KarJenner family’s subsequent generation, when he entered his teenage years. Though his mother Kourtney Kardashian had previously stated that he “doesn’t want any part of” social media, the head of SKIMS is now facing criticism from his followers after posting what appeared to be a recent photo of him on Instagram.

Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé were all of legal age at the time Keeping Up With the Kardashians debuted in 2007, and they all chose to live their lives in front of the cameras. The famous family has taken steps to retain some privacy in this area, including Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner not publicly disclosing the names of their new infants. This was not a choice made for the children they would go on to have. Many Redditors appeared to believe that Mason Disick, 13, was directly disobeyed by Kim Kardashian’s post about him, with one commenting:

It’s so Kim of Kim to share this when Mason has stated he doesn’t want to be on social media.
In order to avoid making the same mistake as Kim Kardashian, the Redditor who shared the image on social media covered Mason Disick’s face with a picture. In the image, Kardashian and the now-teenager are positioned back to back, highlighting the fact that he is taller than she is. Many of the readers wished to give her the benefit of the doubt, stating that they hoped she got her nephew’s permission before posting the picture. It was said:

Others noted that it’s conceivable Mason Disick had altered his position after Kourtney Kardashian claimed on the Not Sk.inny But Not podcast in October that her kids “don’t love” social media (though she added, “Sometimes they do”). According to The Sun, the oldest Kardashian sister stated:

“It’s not like Mason adores it. It is not to his taste. He does not desire any involvement. Not on social media, he. I want my children to grow up, and he doesn’t love it.”

The fact that both of Mason’s parents withheld recent images of their oldest child and only posted a throwback photo of him and Reign on her Instagram to commemorate their shared birthday strengthens the fans’ suspicion that he doesn’t want his pictures published.

Kris Jenner also paid homage to Reign Disick’s birthday by posting just older pictures of Mason. Kim Kardashian probably won’t comment on whether or not her nephew gave her permission to publish his photo, but the fans really appear to be concerned for the teen’s welfare. When Season 3 of The Kardashians debuts on television in 2023, we’ll have to wait and see if Mason Disick makes any appearances. The first two seasons can currently be viewed online with a Hulu subscription.