Kim Is ‘Getting Heat’ From Other Soccer Parents For Things She Didn’t Do and Can’t Control

She may have divorced the rapper and removed herself from his chaotic world of vi𝚝𝚛iol, but Kim Kardashian is still suffering at the hands of Kanye West.

West was seen shouting with a parent at his son’s soccer game last weekend after being pulled from big labels like Adidas and Balenciaga and b𝚊𝚗𝚗ed from Twitter and Instagram as a result of his terrible a𝚗𝚝i-Semi𝚝ic ran𝚝s.

Kim has received criticism from other parents during Saint’s soccer games, and the parents’ general feeling is that they do not want Kanye to attend their children’s games with the 𝚟𝚒𝚘𝚕𝚎𝚗𝚝 ha𝚝r𝚎d that he has been spewing, according to a source who talked to Hollywood Life. The source went on to say that many of the Jewish families and children felt personally targeted by Kanye, which is probably what led to the brawl at the Saints soccer game.

Although the parents have every right to feel that way about West, it is wrong of them to blame Kim, his ex-wife, for his actions. She could only have a limi𝚝𝚎d impact on West’s spiraling, as was made clear by multiple public instances even after they got married. The insider for Hollywood Life reaffirmed this by saying, “Kim feels helpless because she has no influence over Kanye. Kim should really refrain from directing Kanye because doing so will result in the opposite behavior.

The source said, “Kim feels like she has been watching Kanye destroy his ship from the safety of her beach. Kim is doing her best to negotiate the awkward and challenging situation she’s in. At all public gatherings, she should just ignore him. The other parents are not finding this to be the easiest.

Since his “White Lives Matter” pro𝚝𝚎s𝚝 at Paris Fashion Week and the 𝚛a𝚌i𝚊𝚕 incidents that quickly followed, West has lost close to two dozen brand partnerships, had his Donda Academy closed down, and faced criticism from a number of well-known peers and ex-friends, including Jaden Smith and John Legend.