Kim Kardashian accuses Taylor Swift of being a liar

Kim Kardashian r/ev/ea/ls Taylor Swift is a liar through famous Kanye West lyrics.

When Taylor Swift was infatuated with the sweet kisses and embrace of Tom Hiddleston, Kim Kardashian denounced the “former country music princess” of lying in the story that her husband defamed her with a rap.


Yesterday, Taylor surprised music lovers with a series of passionate photos with actor Tom Hiddleston just 2 weeks after breaking up with DJ Calvin. However, this love story has not yet settled down, recently, the voice of  “You Belong With Me” continued to be attacked by  Kim super round three in an interview with GQ magazine.

The story mentioned by Kim Kardashian revolves around her husband  Kanye West rapping about Taylor in the song “Famous” saying: “I made that bitch famous”. While Kanye confirmed that Taylor had agreed to allow him to rap like that, Taylor’s side was angry, denying this.


Kim Kardashian accuses Taylor of lying at the 2016 Grammys

In response to GQ magazine, third-round Kim Sieu said, “Taylor  approved the lyrics. She also knew that the rap would be sung, but she wanted to act like she didn’t know anything. My husband had to bear the burden. getting criticized for it all while he was always trying to get it right. Kanye even phoned her to go through the rap and she totally agreed. I swear it was. truth”.

Not only that, Kim also added: “Music producer Rick Rubin and many influential people in the music industry heard that conversation and they knew it all. I honestly don’t understand why she changed her mind. What’s even more ridiculous is that in a phone call with Kanye, she also said: “When I appear on the Grammy red carpet, the media will think I reacted to this lyrics. Then I would laugh and say: You guys are made fun of. I agreed to go through with it.” She said that, but then during her Grammy speech, she turned to criticize my husband and play the victim again.


Kim Kardashian confirmed that Taylor agreed to Kanye use the controversial rap line


At the 2016 Grammy Awards, when receiving the award, Taylor Swift had a “slant” performance against Kanye. Before that, Taylor and Kanye’s relationship was not smooth after he had a famous mic robbery while the “former country music princess”  was giving a speech.

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