Kim Kardashian HᎥтs Back at Kanye West Fans For Criticizing Her Outfit

Kim Kardashian is retaliating against Kanye West’s supporters who αттαcked her wardrobe choices after the two parted up.

In a post-credits sequence from Thursday’s “The Kardashians” episode, the reality star responded to hαтεrs who criticized a vibrant Balenciaga outfit she wore in April.

Kim accessorized the red leather skirt and flame-printed turtleneck bodysuit with red leather gloves, black sunglasses with fur lining, and a matching black fuzzy purse. And it appears that many of Kanye’s supporters disliked the daring appearance.

On the Hulu reality series, Kim, 42, said, “Let me just say one thing about the flame dress that everyone wants to speak about. “On the internet, I was panned by those who said, ” This is what she gets for not being with Kanye. Finally, she puts on her own clothes and Kanye’s clothes must have ran out.

Additionally, the SKIMS founder claims that her estranged spouse was the one who picked out the attire.

The clothing that he styled and chose for the tea was one of them, according to Kim. You guys would think that was the coolest costume ever if you knew that and we were together, so that’s what I’m saying. The people are just so f- fickle.

Following their breakup, Kanye chastised Kim for her wardrobe decisions since she stopped asking him to style her and started going out on her own. He compared her to Marge Simpson and declared that her “career is finished” after she dressed herself at a significant event following their divorce in the first season of the Hulu show earlier this year.

“I got to a point where I would ask him for advice for everything, down to what I wear. Even now I’m having like ραпic αттαcks, what do I wear?” Kim told sister Kourtney in a May 2022 episode. “In New York, he styled me all for SNL. Then for the Wall Street Journal Magazine — I won the Innovator Award for Skims — I was like, how do I wear something that hasn’t been pre-vetted first?”

The mother of four claimed that when she phoned Kanye and “told me my career’s over and then showed me a picture of Marge Simpson wearing something similar,” she was “so nervous” to choose her own outfit for an event.

In addition, Kim claimed that after their breakup, fashion was “the last thing we actually had in common,” and she has been working on developing her own style. How do I get there without Kanye? Who is Kim K?

In the meantime, Kim confessed Kanye sent her dubious text messages over the attire she chose to wear during Milan Fashion Week in February in an episode of “The Kardashians” last month.

The Hulu star rocked head-to-toe Prada while in Italy — stepping out in a number of leather looks that were published by outlets all over the world. Kanye, it seems, saw a few of them himself — and apparently made it known he wasn’t really a fan.

Reading some of his alleged texts aloud to her glam squad, Kim said, “No white glasses. Make security wear black gloves. The orange look made me so mad, would have went to jαil before I went out in that.”

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