Kim Kardashian depite dressing conservatively outfit but still showing off all her Sеҳy body

The entertainment star favors open-waisted, cup-shaped designs that flatter her Sеҳy body.

The entertainment star favors open-waisted, cup-shaped designs that flatter her Sеҳy body.


Recently,  Kim Kardashian  revealed how to keep fit on her personal page. In the photo, she wears a shirt with an open belly design and high-waisted pants. The mother of 4 pairs with  pointed-toe boots and classic  iron sunglasses . She captioned: “Plant based does a body good”. At the age of 41, Kim still maintains a beautiful body with radiant, fresh skin. She has many secrets to help herself stay healthy and awake.


Kim Kardashian loves swimsuits, high-cut bikinis. Although she likes to eat sweets, she still controls herself to not gain weight. The beauty   born in 1980 shared with Poosh: “I pursue a healthy life, try to eat plant-based food”.


Kim promotes the fashion of revealing lingerie. Besides, she often creates accents for the set with textured items.


The mother-of-four wears a crop top with high-waisted pants with zebra stripes. She coordinated with a life jacket and dark brown boots. According to ELLE, each fashion season sees a rotation of trends. Animal print has a classic look but is still suitable for modern fashion. The common way to coordinate is to combine animal motifs with solid colors. Besides, the trend of mixing and using many different textures on the set is also being loved.


Kim Kardashian loves high-waisted pants. High-waisted pants make women’s legs look longer. Kim works out in the gym 6 days a week to maintain a slim body. “I train hard at the gym,” she said. Every 6 months, I will take 2 weeks off from training. Rest to recharge and relax but I miss working out. It feels great to be back.”


Every time she appears on the street, Kim Kardashian attracts the paparazzi by her cut-and-flare outfits. She mixed a shirt with a V-neck design with a crop top with dynamic elastic pants. Talking about the secret to having a round 3 and toned legs, sister Kylie Jenner works out for about 90-105 minutes with her personal trainer.


The cut-out trend makes a strong comeback in the Spring – Summer 2021 fashion season. The subtle gaps enhance the Sеҳy look for the wearer. The hourglass figure helps her sister Kylie Jenner conquer tight or cut designs. She focuses on endurance training with the time mostly spent lifting weights at the gym.


Kim Kardashian wears a set from the fashion house Fendi. Besides high-waisted tops and shorts, she mixes masks, bags with textures. Although famous for her tight round 3, the mother of 4 also spends a lot of time working out her abs. Some exercises to maintain Kim’s toned abs include lying with legs raised, V sit-ups, and cycling sit-ups.

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