Kim Kardashian doesn’t know how to open the door of her Maybach S-Class

With her huge fortune, Kim Kardashian can own any luxury item in the world, but using them is another matter.

The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class customized specifically for Kim Kardashian has accompanied her in recent months – Photo cut from video, source KIM KARDASHIAN


Last week, Kim Kardashian posted video revealing the working “office” of her makeup and skincare product chain called SKKN. However, calling this “office” is not very fair to the investment that Kim Kardashian has spent in this facility.


In addition to an area of 3,716 m2 with a 2-storey campus, the above office is also specially designed and decorated at the request of the owner, based on the mansion she owns in California (USA) with a modern minimalist style. Modern furniture, and furniture are all designed or customized according to the request of this $1.8 billion woman.

For fans of four-wheelers, the highlight of the video comes from the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class customized by the Platinum Motorsport Group tuner. Many cars in Kim Kardashian’s garage are made by this Los Angeles-based tuning company, the most recent of which is a Maybach GLS handed over in early August.


The custom Maybach GLS with sedan style was just delivered to Kim Kardashian in early August – Photo: Platinum Motorsport Group

Despite being the person who personally ordered and customized the Maybach S-Class, it is quite surprising that Kim Kardashian still… does not know how to open the car door after a long time of use. At the end of the video when approaching the super luxury car, Kim had to ask the staff how to use the custom car’s hidden handle.


Kim Kardashian admits to being helpless in front of the door handle of the Maybach S-Class – Photo cut from the video, source KIM KARDASHIAN

Like many other types of hidden handles, the user has to press the palm of his hand on the handle to release the lever.

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