Kim Kardashian Hangs With Orlando Bloom At Kendall Jenner’s Party After Breaking Up With Pete

Kim Kardashian and Orlando Bloom chatted and were friendly after Kim broke up with Orlando co-star Pete Davidson.

Kendall Jenner threw a shindig the night before August 18, or August 18, to celebrate her tequila brand, Tequila 818, and a number of A-list artists popped up, no surprise . An eye-catching photo from the event, obtained by TMZ and can be seen here, shows Kim Kardashian chatting with her ex, friend and Pete Davidson co-star Orlando Bloom. Kim, 41, who is dressed in black, can be seen smiling with Orlando, 45, who is wearing a blue jacket. He laughs as he holds Kim’s hand in a handshake like a friend. Other celebrities present included James Corden, Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Kris Jenner and her daughter, Corey Gamble.

The photo of Kim and Orlando chatting comes less than a week after HollywoodLife revealed Pete, 28, is relying on Orlando for support following his split from the TV star and businesswoman. “One of the first people who approached Pete about it was Orlando while they were working in Australia together,” an EXCLUSIVELY source told HL. “Orlando and Pete have become very close over the past few weeks so Pete feels comfortable opening up to him.”


Kim Kardashian and Orlando Bloom looked friendly as they chatted at Kendall Jenner’s Tequila 818 party (Image: Shutterstock)

“Orlando explained how he was in a similar situation and to try and not make things too difficult. He says whatever is, will happen and focuses on doing him in the present moment,” the source added.


HollywoodLife confirmed Kim and Pete split on Friday, August 5, and the breakup did indeed happen at some point during that week. The news comes shortly after Kim returned to Los Angeles from visiting Pete in Australia as he worked on his new film, Wizards!, alongside Orlando. After the visit, which is the first time Kim and Pete have seen each other in weeks, a source close to them told HL EXCLUSIVE that they had a “romantic” but not-so-smooth time. “They spent the entire time locked in their private hideaway and she told her sisters it was romantic,” the insider revealed. “During their time there, they cook, cuddle and laugh.”


The fact that Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian broke up after less than a year of dating was a shock to fans (Image: Shutterstock)

However, it was their busy schedules that kept them apart. “While she was in Australia, although they had a great time, they also had some very deep conversations which led to them finally deciding to split up,” said a person in the couple’s community. with HollywoodLife about their breakup EXCLUSIVE. “There are a lot of things going against them. There’s still a huge pull and a strong bond between them, so it doesn’t look that bad but at this point, Kim seems clear that it’s over.”


“Pete is so far away in Australia that puts a lot of stress on everything, the distance is not easy to travel. Pete wants Kim to stay in Australia with him for an extended period of time and she’s nowhere in her life where she can,” they continued. “And the problem is that Pete is just getting busier so it doesn’t look like this problem will go away. They were faced with some hard truths, one being that they were in different places in their lives. “

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