Kim Kardashian released sеҳy photos only to forget Pete Davidson

On her personal Instagram page, Kim Kardashian has just posted a sexy image showing off her body. According to fans, it seems Kim is trying to forget her past love affair with Pete Davidson, by modeling a new set of Indiana photos.

Not long ago, the sisterly love story between reality TV star Kim Kardashian and boyfriend Pete Davidson had to stop. News from Page Six said: “Pete is 28 years old and Kim is 41. They don’t speak the same language. Pete is completely spontaneous and impulsive, always wanting Kim to fly to New York or wherever he is, even in the middle of nowhere short time. But Kim has 4 children and it is not easy. Kim wants to give more love to them.”


Many fans hope Kim and Pete will reunite – Photo: Character Instagram


This source also said, Kim Kardashian – a businessman who runs many businesses and is a reality TV star – is completely exhausted by the love affair between himself and Pete and other things going on in life of both.


At this point, Kim seems to have a way to find comfort and balance with new projects. As revealed, the businesswoman who owns this desirable 3rd round has just participated in a quick shoot for Indiana when posing with the work “Paint it, Black”. This photo received more than 1.5 million likes and nearly 20,000 comments.


Most fans think that Kim’s way of doing this is to forget about the love affair with Davidson. After the breakup, Davidson started therapy sessions because of the criticism that Kanye West had for her.


However, he made sure he didn’t regret falling in love with Kim and even pointed out that she supported him in every moment they shared.


Recently, Pete Davidson smiled and raised his finger to show that everything was okay when he met paparazzi at the new filming set in Cairns, Australia. The American star filmed the comedy “Wizards” in the land of kangaroos with actor Orlando Bloom

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