Kim Kardashian wants Kanye West and Pete Davidson to be friend

According to a close source, Kim Kardashian wants Kanye West to be friends with Pete Davidson. She hopes her ex-husband and new boyfriend should not continue to insult and attack each other on social.

Kim Kardashian has realized the importance of her children as they get older. Although she is divorced, she wants Kanye West and herself to take care of the children together. The biggest problem is her relationship with Pete Davidson has put Kim’s plan in trouble. While  Kanye West is still somewhat in love with his ex-wife, Pete Davidson doesn’t seem to like that.


He considers Kim “his own” so he doesn’t like to let West approach his girlfriend no matter what. That may be the reason why this guy constantly has bad actions and words for West. Then, Kim also stepped in. The story of the three people between  Kim Kardashian – Pete Davidson – Kanye West always makes fans interested.


They exploit each other. Not only that, the billionaire rapper continued to terrorize and attack Pete Davidson – Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend. Before this action, Kim Kardashian has repeatedly defended her boyfriend. The idea that this story would become a hatred made Kanye West and Pete Davidson “unlikely” but did not.


Kim Kardashian looks forward to having a nice dinner out between her, Kanye West and Pete Davidson. Here, the two will neutralize all previous animosities. This plan was proposed by Kim Kardashian herself and received the consent of Pete Davidson. It is known that Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend is completely ready for the situation of meeting his girlfriend’s ex-husband face-to-face.

Talking about this issue, someone close to Kim Kardashian said: “The best version of Kanye West is when he is with his children. Kanye West knows that Kim Kardashian is in love with Pete Davidson and his past behavior. I am not acceptable.


Kanye West will have to vent his earlier anger towards Pete Davidson and he has been telling this story a lot over the last few weeks. Kanye knew that Pete wasn’t trying to play the part of a father to his children. Pete just wanted to support and do his part when Kanye wasn’t around.”

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