Kim Kardashian was mocked by antifans for her ‘pretentious’ acting

American reality TV star - Kim Kardashian is being ridiculed by netizens for acting "pretentious" in the ad.

Appearing in his new Beyond Meat promotional video, Kim Kardashian was mocked by netizens for the speaker. Specifically, in the video, Kim Kardashian proceeds to make a burger from vegan ingredients, without fat or animal meat. When the camera transitions from a close-up of the ingredients to a panoramic view, Kim Kardashian looks in front of the camera holding a halved cake, chewing on it in her mouth and remarking that it’s delicious.


Kim Kardashian was mocked by netizens while filming an advertisement.

But netizens discovered that the “super round 3” beauty was just pretending to chew while the piece of cake was still intact without any bites. This action of Kim was quickly exposed by netizens and widely divided, becoming a topic of discussion on social networks.




Some netizens commented:  “It’s so healthy, why don’t you dare to eat it”, “Did anyone see her actually eat her product, did she really eat it?” , “Dear speaker”, “I won’t buy the product because you don’t actually eat it”…

Not long ago, the media reported that Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian were blacklisted by a group of customers buying Ferrari cars. The source said that most brands prefer to have celebrity customers. Public figures taking photos with a company’s products can be of great help to sales as well as creating a brand’s credibility.


Image Kim Kardashian has “wearing a white cotton shirt” for her Lamborghini.

However, Ferrari has certain views on its products. According to the Spanish newspaper Marca, this has led to reports that the Italian car company has put some celebrities like Kim Kardashian or Justin Bieber on a list of “banning” unwanted guests from accessing the sessions. special edition.

The reason is often given by these people’s lack of respect for the “prancing horse” emblem. Singer Justin Bieber was “criticized” for arbitrarily customizing a Ferrari against the company’s wishes. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian gave a Ferrari to a famous financial criminal while trying to escape punishment. Not only that, Kim Kardashian is famous for covering her car with all sorts of “terrible” fabrics, from white to jet-black fur. Just imagining a LaFerrari Aperta wearing a “fur coat” is enough to shock any pure Ferrari fanatic.

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