Kim shares pics of her home but brings people feeling of ‘mentɑl hospitɑl’

It’s nearly Christmas, and Kim Kardashian has reopened the doors to her massive, monochromatic mansion in Calabasas, California. On Wednesday, she shared a slew of photos of her favorite aspects of her home, including some cups, a lamp, her bathroom, bedroom, and living room.

The house is still as minimalist as Kim’s overall aesthetic has been for several years. The living room features a large boucle fabric couch and two matching single seaters. On the floor is a dull beige-brown rug, a skinny coffee table with metal legs and a wooden top, and a minimalist fireplace in the center. In the entire room, not a single bright color can be found.

The bedroom is even more… thre.atening. A large bed sits on what appears to be a marble platform. There is no artwork, no colorful pillows, and no decorative rug. The entire room is washed in a single tone of beige, with lamps illuminating the bed’s sides.

Then there’s the restroom. On one side of the massive room, there is only a glass wall. Kim used to have lush green plants outside the wall, but now she has tall swaths of pampas grass. The decor, however, changed slightly on Wednesday when her designer friend replaced it with lit-up Christmas tree decor.

People on social media reacted an.grily to Kim’s monochrome home. One person claimed that it made them de.pressed. “Do you like the look of mentɑl hospitɑls?” Because that’s essentially what this appears to be… ɗepressing and uninspiring, to be sure,” wrote one. “Good try!” “As if anyone cares about your obituary-themed bedroom,” another commenter on Kim’s post said. “All I see is bland pretentious nothingness.” “Everything is so shallow and devoid of personality or life,” another person wrote. “I have never been more afraid of anything than Kim Kardashian’s house,” one person tweeted. Her bedroom resembles the interior of a mausoleum.”

Meanwhile, Kim and ex-husband Kanye West have finalized their divorce. The former couple and their attorneys filed documents asking a judge to approve the terms they had agreed on, including Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, paying Kim $200,000 per month in child support.