Kim shows off hair makeover in new pics after fans demand she ‘get rid of bleach blond’

Chris Appleton, the reality TV star’s hairdresser, took to Instagram on Friday evening to share a new photo of Kim sporting her new hair color.

Kim, 42, is sporting a more natural look in the photo, as opposed to the platinum blond hair she’s had since May of this year.

The Skims founder is still rocking her dark roots and extra-long locks, but this time they’re in a loose wave and honey color.

Kim pouted for the camera while her hair fell past her shoulder and down to her waist, and she was holding a black headband in her right hand.

In a blue crop top and black leather trousers, the Kardashians star showed off her teeny tiny waist.

The post was captioned by Chris: “Miami, Honey. What do you think of the new color we created?”

One fan commented on the photo, saying, “Very pretty,” while another exclaimed, “Very Miami!!!”

Another person wrote: “Much better than that unhe.althy blonde look with tail ends, which had to go. Bring your skin tone back to life.”

Others claimed that it was not Kim’s hair, saying, “It’s a nice wig.”

Another person added: “When you’re wearing a wig, you should definitely specify. As a hairdresser, being shown inspo photos of you going from black to blonde in one sitting is unattainable, and people don’t realize it’s not your hair.”

“That’s a wig,” a third person added.

The comments came after fans urged the reality TV star to change her bleached blonde appearance.

Kim recently rev.ealed that she stayed up all night in May to allow Chris to transform her from brunette to blond in time for the 2022 Met Gala.

Kim took to Twitter to give fans a sneak peek into the lengths she goes to for her look when the ninth episode of The Kardashians premiered on Hulu.

“I worked an all-nighter to get my hair blonde… I was exhausted! #kardashians,” she tweeted as fans tuned in to the latest installment of the reality series.

Twitter users, however, clearly had little sympathy for Kim and her lack of sleep, and she was inundated with responses.

“How difficult your life is… pi.ty…poor you, “Someone remarked sa.castically.

“Beats pulling an all-nighter working a second job – perspective,” wrote another.

And a third person added: “I stayed up all night because I’m a nurse. Do it three nights in a row, on a regular basis. I’m sure you dealt with it and made amends…”

“Wow good job Kim, that must have been very difficult,” a fourth person mocked, while a fifth added, “Good problems.”