Kim’s sister ‘super hip’ was criticized when she needed three assistants to wear shoes

Kim's sister "super hip" Kendall Jenner was criticized when it took 3 assistants to bend over to put on her shoes.

Like other international stars, Kim’s sister “super hip”  Kendall Jenner  also has a powerful team behind the scenes, always on duty to prepare costumes, hair, makeup… for the perfect appearance. Most of the long legs were born in 1995 at entertainment events.

So far, we have only focused on the gorgeous outfits of the beauties on the red carpet, but rarely know that behind is a whole effort of  a team, including stylist, makeup artist. , hairdressers and assistants.

Recently, the famous long-legged Kendall Jenner has just posted a photo she was taken by the assistants in the team, preparing for her appearance at the 2016 MTV Movie Award ceremony, the photo quickly attracted a lot of attention from people. fans when appearing up to three assistants  wearing shoes for Kendall.

Along with the praise, Kim’s sister “super hip” had to suffer a lot of criticism when it took 3 assistants to wear shoes. Many comments “stoned” at the image of the assistants crouched while Kendall was almost half-naked.


Kendall Jenner shows off her irresistible sexy look on the MMA 2016 red carpet.


Not long ago, long legs were controversial when showing off photos of her being taken care of by assistants behind the scenes.


All the ideas of the team are shown on the sketch board, the stylist advises, talks with Kendall and gives her the most reasonable choices.


To be able to appear and strut confidently on the red carpet, Kendall and the team had to prepare very carefully and in detail. There were even 3 people just to bring her warrior shoes.


The perfect look to every detail of the famous long legs on the MMA 2016 red carpet.


Warrior boots with long laces are the most time-consuming items in the preparation of Kendall and the team.


But undeniably the “benefit” of these shoes, it is the most perfect and standard highlight for the personality set that long legs born in 1995 wear.


Kendall and Cara are happy to meet each other, the two are close friends in real life.

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