Kim’s sister rҽveɑls the reason behind her wҽird action to her son

Kourtney Kardashian is ru.mored to be in the process of opening her “sec.ret drawer.”

During a recent conversation with Khloe Kardashian for Interview Magazine, the 43-year-old star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians re.vealed the surprising item that she has kept over the course of her career.

Kourtney explained, in reference to her 7-year-old son Reign Disick, whom she shares a custody arrangement with her ex-husband Scott Disick, “I have Reign’s hair because we didn’t cut his hair until he was five.” Because of this, I have access to his long braid, and I smell it frequently.

What was her sister’s response? “Oh my god,” Khloe, 38, exclaimed. “Okay. That’s pretty cool.”

Khloe declined Kourtney’s invitation to observe the strands, despite the fa.ct that Kourtney offered to do so. Her response was, “Oh no, I have no problem with that.” “To put it simply, oh my gosh. Rapunzel?”

After having long hair for a number of years, Reign is now sporting a shorter cut than she did in the past. Kourtney didn’t shrink from confronting those who made ne.gative comments about his long hair before he decided to change his appearance. In October 2019, she shared a collection of photographs from a vacation with her family on Instagram, and a user left a comment saying, “really need to get a haircut,” the founder of Poosh retorted, “She really needs to stop worrying about kids who aren’t her own.” “He really needs to get a haircut,” the founder of Poosh added. He is one content young man.”

Kourtney and Scott have three children together: Reign, who is 14 years old; Mason, who is 12; and Penelope, who is 10 years old. And since Kourtney married Travis Barker in May, she has become a stepmother to his three children: son Landon Barker, 19, daughter Alabama Barker, 16, and stepdaughter Atiana De La Hoya, 23. Kourtney’s family has grown significantly since the wedding.

During the first season of ‘The Kardashians,’ Kourtney said on one of the episodes, “I love the idea of a blended family.'” “I believe that the more children there are, the more fun there will be, and it will also give you more people to love. It is a wonderful thing that I am able to develop such a strong relationship with Travis’ children because I adore them.”

Kourtney and Khloé conducted an interview with one another for the publication Interview

And because the story was really just a thinly veiled advertisement for Kourtney’s new line of sleep gummies, most of the conversation centered on her sleeping routines. Does it make a difference what she wears if Travis Barker snores? Things of that nature. However, a significant portion of the interview was devoted to discussing the items that Kourtney maintains on or in her bedside table. “I have a lighter, and I’m currently squishing a brain squishy that I have in my possession.

She informed Khlo, “I have mints stored in a glass jar.” “They have a very refined appearance.” In addition, the oldest Kardashian sister possesses a miniature vase, a box of motivational quotes that were presented to her by Kendall, a full carafe of water, and a candle that smells like pine trees. It does beg the question: how big is the bedside table that Kourtney Kardashian uses? Is it a f* desk? However, that is not even the strangest thing that she carries in or on her person. Khloe Kardashian describes Kourtney’s use of a landline as “nostalgic.”

And to top it all off, Kourtney Kardashian has gone all the way to the Victorian extreme by keeping a keepsake lock of hair in one of the drawers next to her bed. “Because we waited to cut Reign’s hair until he was five years old,” Kourtney explained, “I have Reign’s hair.” Therefore, I have his long braid, and I frequently smell it. Even if Kourtney Kardashian loves her child so much that she acts as if Reign Disick perished on the Titanic, this does not diminish the sweetness of the fa.ct that she does love her child.