Klopp received ‘headache’ news from the injury situation

According to The Athletic, Liverpool's main midfielder faces the risk of a six-week break due to a hamstring injury.

Prior to that, Lavender’s Thaago met with a 2-2 draw against Fulham on the day of the 2022/23 draw. The Western player has recovered from the beginning of the system at Crave Cottage and after that, Thaago was checked by doctors for his health condition.


Thiago is expected to stay out of the game until mid-September, meaning he will miss out on the upcoming Premier League matches against Crystal Palace, Manchester United, Bournemouth, Everton Newcastle and Wolves.


This is a slap in the face of Jurgeп Kloρρ, пwho is missing in the middle of the match between Alex Oxlade-Chamerlaιп and old Curtιs Joes. In that case, if you miss the meeting with Fulham, you will have to go back to the mode to meet the Crystal Palace.

It was fired after a 2-2 draw with Fulham whether the deal could force Liverpool to buy a good defender, saying: “The move is serious and serious. We currently own 8 guards.


There are no defenses but only a few of them were injured. This is not a good situation, I like it a little bit. We need to be prepared to deal with any situation to be sure not to panic.”


Thiago rarely tried to support Liverpool to move from home to Aaffeld from Bayer for a price of 25 million pounds 2 years ago. Injuries and illnesses have subsided, with only 24 matches in the 2020/21 match and 25/38 matches last season.

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