Klopp clɑshed with Liverpool leadership because of James Milner

Leaving James Milner is not the desire of coach Jurgen Klopp, but the German coach is not the one who has the biggest say in transfers at Liverpool.

After 8 years of association, James Milner has just said goodbye to Liverpool. In fɑct, Milner is the type of player that coach Jurgen Klopp loves and wants him to be in the dressing room.

Milner is even named in Klopp’s next season’s plan, but Liverpool’s board disagrees because he thinks the English midfielder is too old, 37 years old.

“It’s a little sad to have to stop this journey when it’s already a part of your life,” Milner told LFCTV.

“Klopp is a great coach and it’s really happy for him to want me to stay, to say that I have value. I haven’t started much this season but I always feel like I can contribute. to the team whenever required”.

“But the club made the final decision. It’s nice to know I’m in the position the manager wants to keep but I understand the club’s decision.”

It is reported that the 37-year-old versatile player will move to Brighton next season. Along with that, Leeds also wants to bring Milner back to Elland Road, but the uncertainty of staying in the Premier League is a disadvantage for this team.