Knet’s Talk About Jennie’s Outfit In ‘Born Pink World Tour’

BLACKPINK’s ‘BORN PINK WORLD TOUR’  left residents speechless with many memorable moments, including epic performances, flawless choreography, amazing light shows, and impressive costumes.

One of Jennie ‘s outfits  has attracted special attention and many residents have noticed that the outfit conveys an impressive cultural energy about Korea.

The outfit is made up of a combination of white crop top and black shorts, appropriately expressing the energy and sensuality that everyone loves about the female idol.

However, the top of the white shirt has special details, such as the pine tree and tiger print that often appear in Korean folk paintings.

The appearance of the white tiger is an animal that is directly associated with the culture and history of Korea, that’s why this country is called the “Land of the Tiger”.

The white tiger is so important that it even competed in the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics as Soohorang.

“Pride of Korea! 

JENNIE will be wearing the KOREA WHITE TIGHT when she goes on a world tour! Known as the “Land of the Tiger”, the tiger has been associated with Korean history and culture! It was also chosen as the country’s mascot in the Smr & 1988 Olympics Wntr 2018″

Thanks to all of the above, Jennie has received a lot of praise when representing the traditional beauty of Korea in a modern way and combining very well with the colors of BLACKPINK.


Also, whenever Jennie and the other BLACKPINK members release new albums, they introduce Korean culture to fans around the world by wearing their innovative Hanboks and traditional accessories. Korean as binyeos (decorative hairpins).

Thanks to these details, many fans became interested in learning more about Korean culture or its traditions.