Kpop Female Idols With Dog And Cat-like Faces: 2 Blackpink Members Present


If talking about idols who have puppy-like beauty, BLACKPINK Jisoo is the typical idol! She has round eyes and clear lines while giving off a cute and innocent impression that you will easily forgive even if she makes a mistake.


Among the stars of the fourth generation, Kazuha is attracting attention with the image of a cute puppy. She owns white skin, big round eyes that are in accordance with the standards of puppy beauty.

She is also the epitome of pure and innocent beauty and charm.

3. IVE An Yujin

An Yujin really exudes the charm of a puppy, especially when looking at her slightly droopy eyes, clear eyes and lovely smile.

4. (G)I-DLE Yuqi

Yuqi is also often referred to as a puppy due to its round and three-dimensional face. Her eyes really reflect her innocence, and the plus point of her youthful and cute image is her signature curly hair!

Female idols with cat-like appearance:


In BLACKPINK, there are dogs and cats as well, perfecting the unnie-line’s harmonious combination.

Jennie is the typical cat-like idol who prides herself on her chic look and likes to make her eyes look longer.

Different from her charismatic appearance on stage like a cat, Jennie actually has an extremely lovely and cute voice and gestures.

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2. NewJeans Haerin

Even if you search for the name “Haerin”, the word “cat” will appear as a related keyword.

Indeed, she has all the features of a cat face, including her pointed nose, stylish and arrogant expression, as well as her glittering eyes.

3. ITZY Yeji

Yeji has cat-like confidence, such as monolid eyes with thin inner eyelids, long eyeliner, and a slim jawline. She also likes to wear cat eye makeup to make her cat-like appearance stand out.

Yeji is showing the “distinction” to fans’ hearts with her gentle personality in contrast to her usual luxurious appearance.

4. aespa Karina

Among the cat-like idols on the list, aespa Karina flaunts her sophisticated yet elegant cat-like look. She possesses a slim face, cat-like eyes, a luxurious atmosphere, and an unrealistically beautiful appearance reminiscent of an AI.