Kris Jenner Snubbed Her Own Daughter?

That’s what fans are asking while the family spends time together in Aspen. They accused her of ignoring her oldest daughter during a speech she gave at the family’s Christmas gathering. Continue reading to find out more.

Did Kris Jenner have too much to drink?

The Kardashian-Jenner clan has been sharing videos and photographs of their trip to Aspen. Fans were surprised to watch a video of Kris Jenner getting dru.nk and bragging about her children. On Tuesday night, she delivered a speech at a family gathering. Kris was overjoyed as she complimented her daughters Kim, Khloe, Kylie, and Kendall. She did not, however, recognize Kourtney.

Kris sported a dazzling silver pajama suit in the social media clips. She accessorized her ensemble with silver jewelry and matching hoop earrings. To celebrate the success of Good American, Kylie Cosmetics, and SKIMS, the family threw a party. Kourtney started her new Lemme company months ago. She also runs the lifestyle website Poosh.

Kris Jenner, on the other hand, managed to keep her oldest daughter at bay. Kourtney did not attend the celebration, which was held at a restaurant, despite the fact that other members of the family dressed up in their best pajamas. Kris rose from her seat to deliver a speech. Except for one of her daughters, she gushed about them all.

“I’ve got Good American on the exterior and SKIMS on the inside,” Kris Jenner remarked, smiling. “I’m drinking a lot of 818!” What about the Kylie Cosmetics line? Kylie Cosmetics, I’m wearing makeup. And, of course, I use Kim’s SKKN to wash my face. I mean, does it get any better than this? “I’ve got it all.”

She made no mention of Kourtney’s brands. Fans wondered if Kris had forgotten about her daughter on purpose. It sparked an intriguing conversation on Instagram.

Kourtney Kardashian is snubbed?

Fans voiced their opinions on Reddit. Some of them realized Kris Jenner omitted her daughter from the equation. Kris could have thanked Poosh and Lemme even if Kourtney wasn’t present. Kourtney has missed numerous family gatherings in recent months.

“What about Poosh?”

“Poor Kourtney!”

“Nobody cares about Kourtney and Lemme.”

Others believe Kourtney is attempting to separate herself from her renowned family. She spends more time with Travis Barker and his family. There are also claims that she has sibling rivalry. Khloe did, however, participate in Kourtney’s most recent Lemme commercial.