Lakers fans are alarmed by Anthony Davis’ boxing video while the rest of the NBA is laughing

Anthony Davis is hand-free. Every NBA fan is cracking up at the Los Angeles Lakers big man’s terrible sparring technique when he was shown on Monday engaging in it with the much shorter boxer Jalen Walker.

Davis’s potential ιnjury has caused concern among Lakers supporters, who joked that he is only one blσw away from missing next season in their jokes.

Even yet, watching his lanky form in a ring is quite the sight, particularly as he delivers a blσw.

Davis received criticism last summer for watching a video.

Davis just had a tremendous season, and he appears to be getting better both physically and psychologically. He will be able to develop in those areas through boxing.

NBA Twitter reacts to Anthony Davis’ boxing training

Even among supporters of the Los Angeles Lakers, Anthony Davis has a divided fan base in the NBA. But despite his ιnjury problems, he is still one of the league’s most dominant players, it must be said.

In what was likely his best season to date, he averaged 25.9 points on 56.3% shooting, 12.5 rebounds, and 2.0 blocks per game during the regular season and led the league in both categories during the postseason.

Despite the fαct that it is still early in the offseason, Davis was recently spotted working out at a boxing facility. Fans responded on Twitter in a variety of amusing ways, mostly because it was Davis and not another superstar.

Fans appeared to believe Davis would suffer harm. There is a misconception that Davis would begin to writhe in anguish and be sidelined from basketball for six weeks if even a little ant tickled its way up his leg or a mild breeze.

Twitter users nearly anticipated that the large man would get hurt while practicing his boxing. Several weeks into the offseason last year, Davis acknowledged he hadn’t touched a basketball in days, but a short time later, he began practicing with Lethal Shooter, a renowned shooting specialist who several NBA players have hired.

Some people appear to believe the superstar is Whatever Davis does, it looks like he will never be able to convert a sizable portion of NBA supporters. He is still a true superstar and a force to be reckoned with, despite this.