LATEST NEWS ABOUT LIVERPOOL’S OWNER: Dubai investors and Sir Jim decide to buy club at any cost

One corporation from the United Arab Emirates, according to a recent Middle Eastern report, “may be contemplating” making a bid for Liverpool soon.

According to a report from the Mirror, which was published by the Anfield Watch Twitter account, investors in Dubai are reportedly considering buying Liverpool for $5 Ƅιllιon (£4.3 Ƅιllιon) after Fenway Sports Group put the club up for sale earlier this week.


They continue by stating that given the wealth of the Gulf states, the possibility of Middle Eastern investors purchasing the Reds appears to be among the most possible scenarios.

Finally, a potential investor’s name is mentioned. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the founder of Dubai International Capital and the vice president, prime minister, and minister of defense of the United Arab Emirates, “may be contemplating” buying Liverpool.


There is no way FSG could reject a $5b deal from one of these Dubai investors. Although they might attempt to ignite a bidding wаг, that price is likely to be close to the final sum.

Politics dominates discussions of the prospective new owners, with Liverpool supporters justifiably criticizing Newcastle United and Manchester City’s owners for allegedly breaching human rights.

Dubai investors have been attempting to purchase the Reds for years; the most recent reported offer, which was made a few years ago, was in the neighborhood of £3b. It is unclear at this time whether the same company is still in the running, but I anticipate they will be.

Whoever purchases Liverpool will stir up an uproar. If it’s another American owner, there will probably be talk of questionable tax arrangements; if it’s a Middle Eastern owner, there will be the talk of oil money and human rights. No millionaire has perfect morals. Additionally, John Henry makes the final choice; not us.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe makes decision on Liverpool takeover after FSG puts club up for sale?

In order to concentrate on his goals with Nice, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the richest man in Britain, has decided against making a takeover offer for Liverpool.

After 12 years as the Reds’ owner, it was геᴠеаled on Monday that Fenway Sports Group (FSG) is open to selling the team. The club was purchased by the sports investment group for £300 million in 2010, and since then, it has seen the value of its asset soar.

Forbes valued Liverpool at £3.5b in May, and FSG has set a lofty asking price of £4b to sell the company. Ratcliffe, the chief executive of INEOS, is one of a restricted number of possible investors who might afford to take control at Anfield because he is worth over £10b.

The 70-year-old has a long history of involvement in sports and has owned Nice since August of this year. Ratcliffe, a lifelong supporter of Manchester United who has held season tickets at Stamford Bridge, attempted to purchase Chelsea from Roman Abramovich earlier this year but was unsuccessful.

He ruled out trying to buy Liverpool on Tuesday, stating that the French top division offers “greater value,” where he wants Nice to compete with Paris Saint-Germain.

“Our position has evolved since the summer,” a Ratcliffe representative told the Daily Telegraph. “We are now concentrating our resources in Nice and elevating our ambitions for the club to build them into a top-tier team in France to fιɡҺt with PSG.”

“Buying one of the best Premier League clubs would offer a considerably higher return on our investment than this.”

Ratcliffe bought Nice for £91million three years ago and is intent on turning them into a force to challenge PSG, who are backed by the financial might of Middle Eastern state Qatar. In the summer, Ratcliffe suggested he could try to take over Manchester United, but this latest development means those plans are off the table.

Ratcliffe геᴠеаled his support for various teams in a 2018 interview with the Daily Telegraph “I am a Chelsea season ticket holder. Despite the fact that I actually support Manchester United, I have been for years.”

More recently, he acknowledged the enormous revenues produced by a small number of enormous clubs around Europe. Last month, Ratcliffe remarked, “If you have the most earnings, you can buy the finest players, and you play the best football.”

“One of the top three clubs is, or was, Manchester United. Manchester United is followed by [Real] Madrid and Barca [Barcelona], the two Spanish clubs. They all made roughly £800 million in revenue. Naturally, a few more people have since joined that club. Bayern Munich and PSG are two options. You have Manchester City, which I find it difficult to say also, Liverpool.”